Building a Minimalist Wardrobe


Minimalist clothing and Foot Petals shoes cushions

How to Dress Like a Minimalist 

Whether you live and breathe Marie Kondo or just heard the term from a friend, minimalism is more than just a trend. It is a lifestyle some women adopt to reduce physical and mental stress, decluttering the mind and the home and, yes, that means your closet.

Minimalist clothing choices may be just the start to a less is more approach to life. At Foot Petals®, practical fashion that is comfortable, like our shoe cushions, is right up our alley. Learn more about how to have a minimalist wardrobe that is simple, practical, and always in style.

Woman placing gel ball of foot cushion for sandals inside sandal

What is Minimalist Fashion?

Fashion is fluid, meaning it is always fluctuating between trends. Sure, the mom jeans are back, and color blocking is a thing again, but these trends will eventually be replaced. Minimalist fashion, however, stays in style because it focuses on timeless essentials. It’s not meant to be boring or basic, but rather a versatile mix of simple pieces that work in harmony.

We are, by nature, outfit repeaters. That means half your closet never or rarely gets worn anyway. In minimalist fashion, wearing the same outfits you did last week is OK. You might call it a capsule wardrobe. Here’s why minimalist fashion works:

  • Thoughtful details, interesting textures, and fine fabrics are unique on their own
  • Choosing higher quality pieces means your clothes stay looking nice for longer
  • Neutral clothing is easy to mix and match, giving you more outfit options than what's there
  • Basic clothing items never go out of style and can easily be replaced
  • The style values practical fashion, which is both comfortable and stylish
  • Investment pieces and affordable basics make a luxury look easier to achieve

Woman wearing white shirt, blue jeans, and a white watch

The Benefits of a Minimalist Wardrobe

A cute outfit will make your entire day from that sundress and sandals combo from vacation to your matching blazer and trouser set for work. Other outfits bring you less joy, like wearing a pair of shoes that hurt your feet. Minimalist clothing encourages joy always, and some benefits are:

  • Boosts Confidence: When your closet only has lasting pieces that fit perfectly and always match, you can dress more confidently.
  • Reduces Stress: Having fewer clothes to choose from makes life simpler, so you can spend less time making stressful decisions and being surrounded by clutter.
  • Saves Money: Clothes shopping with a minimalist mindset prevents you from making unwise purchases on items you may or may not wear.
  • Cleaner Laundry: Not only will a smaller wardrobe mean less large loads of laundry, but it is far less likely your dirty clothes will sit in a pile and risk mildew.
  • More Time: With less clothes to sort through and quicker ways to throw together an outfit, you can have more time back in your morning schedule.

6 Ways to Achieve a Minimalist Wardrobe

Curating your own minimalist wardrobe is easier than you think. From organizing your closet to using Foot Petals discreet shoe cushions for all your shoe problems, here are some simple steps on how to dress minimalist:

1. Declutter Your Closet

Before you begin, declutter what you already own. Chances are, most of your clothes and shoes are still in good condition, so consider donating or reselling them on a reseller site. If they don’t fit or you haven’t worn them in a year, let them go. Get rid of what you’ve been holding onto for far too long like your high school hoodie or that One Direction T-shirt you thought might make a cute crop top.

2. Select the Basics

The key to a minimalist capsule wardrobe is honing your options down to the basics. These should be timeless pieces made from quality fabrics in neutral hues. Some might be investments, like a high-quality pantsuit for work, while others are affordable, like tank tops you can layer with other clothes. Here’s your minimalist wardrobe checklist:

Three minimalist outfit ideas

  • All-seasons coat: An iconic beige trench coat safeguards your style and is ideal for spring showers and chilly fall breezes. Choose from pleated, oversized, and tapered designs.
  • Black blazer: All-black fashion is always in, so it makes sense that a black blazer would be a staple to your work outfits.
  • Blue jeans: Invest in two pairs of blue jeans that fit. One light wash pair and one dark wash pair will make mixing and matching your minimalist outfits a breeze.
  • Black trousers: Black pants, jeggings, or tailored trousers offer a casual or formal feel to any outfit whether it’s a girl's night out or an early morning shift.
  • White button up: A crisp, white button-up blouse can be worn a hundred ways. Wear it under a sweater in the fall or solo with a pair of blue jeans and chunky heels.
  • Long sleeve shirt: Lightweight long sleeve shirts are also great for layering. Opt for a black turtleneck that’s form fitting for a sophisticated day-to-night look.
  • Knit sweater: Chunky, oversized knit sweaters and pullovers are key to a minimalist winter wardrobe and look cute when paired with a skirt in the spring.
  • Cotton tee: Lightweight, breathable, and comfy, plain cotton t-shirts should rule a minimalist wardrobe whether you want a full tee, ¾ sleeve, or a cropped fit.
  • T-shirt dress: Shirtdresses compliment any body shape, providing an extra boost of body confidence. They also can be styled with wrapped accents, collars, tiered hemlines, belts, and cut outs.
  • Jumpsuit: Effortless and chic, jumpsuits or boiler suits are the perfect winter/summer outfit. Pair a monochrome jumpsuit with lug sole boots in the winter or a strappy sandal for summertime street style.

3. Shop Minimalist Shoes

Now that you have minimalist style clothing down pat, let’s talk about the perfect minimalist shoe collection. Yes, you can still have a shoe collection and be a minimalist! Choose shoes that coordinate with all your outfits:

Six examples of minimalist shoes

  • White sneakers: Crisp white sneakers are comfortable minimalist shoes that lend any outfit a finished appearance. Keep them pristine with our tips for cleaning white shoes.
  • Mules or loafers: Classic penny loafers or open-back mules are sleek, smooth, and great for all seasons. Choose from soft suede or leather.
  • Ballet Flats: You can never go wrong with a comfortable pair of nude or black ballet flats especially when they have extra cushion.
  • Sandals: Flip flops and slides are hard to let go of, so dress them up with elevated details like lots of straps, platform soles, and ergonomic arch support.
  • Leather boots: Quality leather boots are shoes every woman should own. Long lasting and versatile, leather ankle booties and knee highs are go-to minimalist shoes.
  • Minimalist heels: An important part of a minimalist wardrobe for women are a pair of classic heels for formal events. Invest in a pair of strappy black stilettos or get cozy with black block heel sandals.

4. Stay Comfy & Chic with Foot Petals

No one knows practical and chic footwear like Foot Petals. Our discreet shoe cushions are a lifesaver for cracked heels, digging straps, loose fitting shoes, blisters, and more. From back of heel liners to ball of foot cushions and inserts, you can cozy up all your minimalist shoes. With Foot Petals, you’ll want to keep your shoes for longer and you’ll be able to break in new shoes pain free. 

Rather than tossing out shoes that don’t fit, use Foot Petals shoe cushions to reduce waste, minimize the cost of buying new, and stop aching feet. Choose between cushioned fabric inserts in colors like black or khaki that match your shoe. Or opt for reusable gel options like spot cushions, heel cups, and gel ball of foot cushions. 

Woman placing black ball of foot cushion in black heel

5. Choose a Neutral Color Palette

The reason minimalist outfits coordinate so well is because most of them feature neutral colors. This includes shades of beige, white, brown, gray, and black. Stick to a neutral color palette while adding splashes of your favorite color such as a sage green tee shirt, lilac sandals, or yellow undershirts.

Neutral colored minimalist clothing and purses on a rack

6. Minimize Accessories 

Curb your accessories to a few favorite everyday items like diamond studs, a gold and leather band watch, and a single cashmere scarf. Have an everyday bag in a neutral hue like black that’s free of flashy logos or excess hardware. These accessories should be high quality investment pieces that last a long time, giving you the most value out of your look.

Five minimalist fashion accessories

Make Fashion Simpler with Foot Petals 

Minimalist wardrobes are simple and chic, classic and versatile. They move beyond all trends and immediately look great whether you’re going to work, on your way to class, or running errands. With the addition of smart accessories like Foot Petals shoe cushions, you can make fashion effortless.