Wardrobe Organization Hacks

Foot Petals Blog: Wardrobe Organization Hacks

Is your closet a mess? Organizing your clothes is hard! Figuring out what to keep, where to put things, and what you need to do differently is overwhelming. These five tips for closet organization will help you tidy up your wardrobe.

1.  Purge, Purge, Purge

One of the most important wardrobe organization hacks is to get rid of everything that you don’t actually wear. Go through your closet and take out everything that you haven’t worn in the past year. Next, try on every remaining item of clothing to see what fits, what doesn’t fit, and what you don’t like anymore. Get rid of any items that you don’t wear or don’t like. Your closet will start to thin out incredibly fast with these two steps! If you aren’t confident doing this, try turning all your hangers around and only switching the hanger back once you wear item. After 2-3 months, go in and see which hangers haven’t been turned yet! This trick eliminates having to spend a large amount of time going through item-by-item, and lets you quickly see what you wear and don’t wear. Of course, with this trick you do have to take into account seasonal items, like long sleeve shirts in the summer, or shorts and tank tops in the winter.

2.  Utilize Dividers

Dividers are your best friend when it comes to wardrobe organization. Dividers can be used on open shelves, in dresser drawers, and even on hanging racks. Use your dividers to separate bulky items, colors, seasonal clothing, and more–whatever you need to get your closet in order! We recommend separating your clothes by season, and then by tops and bottoms. Depending on your job, you can also add a divided section for work attire. These types of dividers can be purchased or easily made at home with some cardboard and markers or paint!

3.  Add More Shelving

When it comes to the best tips for closet organization, using empty space is the best way to tidy up fast. Shelving is the perfect way to utilize the empty space that you have in your closet. Add shelves to sidewalls, above existing shelving, or underneath hanging racks. Use this space to organize and store folded clothes, accessories, or shoes.

4.  Use Special Hangers and Storage Units

The best wardrobe organization hacks for organizing awkward items like pants, skirts, sweaters, and shoes is to buy hangers or storage units that are specially designed for those unique items. There are hangers designed to save space and organize your pairs of pants, bulky sweaters, and skirts. Over the door organizers can be used to store shoes, bags, or accessories. Adding these to your closet will clear up space and make organization a breeze!

5.  Learn How to Fold to Save Space

Bulky items or things that you have a lot of, such as t-shirts, take up the least amount of space when folded according to the way it’s being stored. For example, t-shirts in dresser drawers should be folded using the file folding method or rolled.

Closet Organization Made Easy

Organizing your closet doesn’t have to be hard. With these five simple tips, you’ll have a beautifully organized closet in no time!