Q&A: 7 Common Shoe Problems & Our Solutions

Four women's shoes with Foot Petals cushions inside

7 Common Shoe Problems

Pesky, frustrating, inconvenient shoe problems. Your flats dig into your ankles, your sneakers have zero tread, and those high heels you bought for your friend’s wedding feel like walking on cardboard. Luckily, Foot Petals has every solution to your most common shoe problems.

Wonder why your shoes hurt your feet or how to make a shoe that’s a half-size too big fit just right? We’ve gathered a list of quick and easy fixes to make your favorite shoes, whether tried and true or brand new, more functional and comfortable.

What Are Some Problems with Shoes?

The reason some shoes cause more problems than they solve is due to either defects in design, particular materials, or sometimes a simple difference in manufacturer sizing. After wearing a new pair of shoes for a few days, you might notice some issues you didn’t see in the store when you first tried them on.

Shoe problems can range from lack of cushioning to calluses under your feet and more. Check out the following common issues with shoes and how Foot Petals cushions are the perfect fix.

Problem: Arch Pain

If your arch hurts in your shoes, chances are they lack support. Whether you have flat feet, neutral arches, or high arches, you need a shoe that supports your feet and evenly distributes weight across the entire sole of your shoe. 

Fix: ¾ Orthotic Insoles

Shoe inserts for arch pain are the best way to add support and discreet cushioning to any shoe whether you need insoles for heels, wedges, boots, or sneakers. Our arch support cushions are easy to place inside your shoe for instant cushion and support, while our ¾ orthotic insoles are a smart option for those with aching arches who need support.

Woman placing insole into white shoe

Problem: Blisters

Shoes causing blisters on the back of the heel, sides of your toes, and other places on your foot? As you walk, your feet rub against the inner lining of your shoes and too much rubbing causes the skin to break. Your body attempts to heal this wound by producing an extra layer of skin over top called a blister.

Fix: Blister Healers and Blister Preventer Anti-Friction Balm

Treat foot blisters with Blister Healers. These hydrocolloid patches come in three shapes to cover common problem areas and zap the moisture out of your blister for instant relief and fast healing. Our anti-friction balm prevents blisters before they start, providing an invisible barrier to reduce rubbing and help you break-in new shoes.

Woman applying blister balm to back of heel

Problem: Calluses

Did you know calluses can come from your shoes? Most calluses form around your heel or ball of your foot due to friction inside the shoe and uneven distribution of weight. This buildup of hard skin can be unsightly in those summer sandals and sometimes painful.

Fix: Ball of Foot Cushions

You can treat calluses with a pumice stone, moisturizer, and an at-home pedicure, but the trick to learning how to fix callused feet is prevention. Our ball of foot cushions keep feet from sliding forward, reduce friction burn, and prevent calluses. For use in open- and closed-toe shoes, their slim design is comfy and discreet plus they come in several colors to suit your look.

Woman holding heels with ball of foot cushions inside

Problem: Slippery & Squeaky Shoes

Shoes with worn bottoms or that lack tread might squeak when you walk or cause you to slip on smooth surfaces. Some dress shoes and higher fashion footwear may even come without any tread. While you may have heard of at-home fixes like creating tread out of hot glue, why risk ruining the shoe when you can fix it?

Fix: No-Slip Grips

Our no-slip grips fix squeaky shoes and provide a nonslip sole that adds traction underfoot so you can avoid slipping and extend the life of your shoes. Just use the adhesive backing to place them under the front of each shoe. The virtually invisible design makes no-slip shoe adhesives ideal for all occasions.

Woman placing no-slip grips on bottom of shoe

Problem: Feet Sweat & Smell

Certain shoe materials promote sweaty environments for your feet and some designs lack breathability. Sweat often leads to smell, too. With Foot Petals, we have the solution for how to fix smelly shoes and get rid of sweat.

Fix: Shoe Deodorizers

The antimicrobial fabric on our orthotic insoles wicks away moisture and reduces heat and perspiration, making them an excellent way to prevent sweaty feet. As for the smell, our sneaker and shoe deodorizers block unwanted shoe odor and leave a clean, fresh scent that lasts up to three months.

Person putting shoe deodorizer inside sneaker

Problem: Back of Heel Cuts

Have you ever worn a pair of flats that dug into your ankles so badly you just couldn’t walk in them? Shoes that are slightly too big allow your feet to shift around and force the back of your heel into the back of the shoe, sometimes causing friction and painful chafing or bleeding abrasions.

Fix: Back of Heel Cushions

Back of heel cushions are a comprehensive solution to all your heel problems. Placing these discreet heel pads into the back of your shoe stops the heel from slipping in and out while the foam cushion relieves pressure and absorbs shock. The slim design even helps with sizing issues, taking your half-size-too-big shoes down to the perfect fit.

Woman putting back of heel cushion in shoe

Problem: Overall Uncomfortable Fit

Shoes too big or too small can cause many problems from blisters to bunions and more. Some shoes have manufacturer defects or strange designs that fit everywhere but “there,” meaning your toes rub the wrong way or the top of the shoe is just slightly too tight. A large part of taking care of your feet is wearing the right shoes.

Fix: Spot Dot Cushions

Need an end-all solution to every shoe problem on the list? Spot Dot Cushions add cushion to every trouble spot from the back of your heel to the tops of your toes. You can place them anywhere you feel pressure in your shoes and prevent calluses and blisters caused by rubbing. Choose our breathable foam spot dot cushions for cool, comfy feet or gel spot dot cushions that are reusable from shoe to shoe.

Woman holding heel and gel spot dot cushion

Foot Petals for All Shoe Problems

Foot Petals is where fashion meets practicality. We make it easy to solve the most common shoe problems for every type of shoe, keeping your feet healthy and comfortable. Go where you want in the shoes you love with Foot Petals cushions and shoe care essentials.