5 Gorgeous Spring Outfits to Wear to Work

Spring is coming up fast, and it’s time you update your closet with new fun and feminine outfits to wear to work. We know deciding what to wear can be ridiculously stressful, so here are five gorgeous work-appropriate spring outfit options to get the inspiration flowing!

1. Stylish Blazer with Simple Pants and Shirt

Blazers are a staple in the workplace, and for good reason. With these fashion-forward ideas, your blazer can be the highlight of your outfit!

Tall frames, narrow body types, those with broader shoulders, and anyone with proportionally larger waists will love the way an oversized blazer complements their body. A textured oversized blazer paired with simple, neutral-colored form-fitting pants and shirt is a perfect springtime outfit that elongates and softens your frame.

Cinched or micro blazers are the perfect stylish alternative to an oversized blazer. These blazers are shorter, generally falling at or above your hipline, and are made to accentuate the waist while complementing your height and torso. The short and cinched waist is ideal for those with smaller waists, shorter torsos, or curvy body types. Create balance and emphasize your best features with a pair of loose-legged or straight-legged pants, high heels or boots, and a form-fitting top.

2. Midi Skirt with a Satin Button-Up

Midi skirts are a great staple. They can be dressed up or down, and they’re easily customized to fit different body types and occasions. A gorgeous button-up is a great way to round out the outfit for a sleek, feminine look.

Those with a more defined waist, curves, shorter legs, or a shorter torso will want to look for an A-line midi skirt. A hem that falls at mid-calf is best. This midi skirt option will accentuate your smaller waist and complement the shape of your hips, torso, and bust. Try a black midi skirt with a loosely-tucked white satin shirt for a great spring outfit. Add a pair of heels to elongate your legs, and to avoid that inevitable foot pain, use a pair of foot petals.

In order to accentuate your beautiful hips, tall height, narrow frame, or wider proportions, a high-waisted, form-fitting midi skirt is excellent. Alternatively, a loose and high-waisted midi skirt will be perfect for your body type as well. Consider a black midi skirt with a light-colored, satin shirt and a pair of low heels or flats. You can tuck your satin shirt in either loosely or tight, depending on the features you’re wanting to highlight.

3. Faux-Leather Trousers with a Linen Shirt

We get itleather trousers can be pretty intimidating. However, with a light, breezy shirt such as a linen top, you’ll have an outfit that is not only professional but comfortable.

Like other pants, leather trousers can easily be adapted to complement any body shape, depending on the looseness of the pant leg and where the waistline sits. If you are looking to accentuate a smaller waist or curvy body type, wear a pair of trousers that have a tight waist and a tight or straight-legged pant leg. A pair of black leather trousers with a half-tucked linen shirt creates an effortlessly stunning outfit.

If you have a straighter and narrower frame, tall height, wider hips, or broader features, you’ll want to wear pants that aren’t cinched at the waist. A loose pant leg is excellent for complementing your frame. Wear your linen top tightly tucked into a pair of black leather pants to create a perfect look!

4. A Professional Matching Set

Matching sets area great professional outfit for any age. A matching blazer pant set with a simple, neutral top underneath manages to be polished yet fashionable. And with your clothes already matching, you’ll minimize the time it takes you to get ready.

Matching blazer and pants sets come in many different styles and can work for any body type. If you have a shorter frame, narrow waist, or curves, you’ll want to buy a set that has a shorter blazer and pants with a cinched, tight waist to accentuate your features. Try playing with springtime colors and wear a pastel blazer with a form-fitting top and loose-fitting bottoms to draw attention to your curves or waist.

For narrow, straight frames, taller body types, and those with broader features, you’ll want an option that accentuates your longer and broader frame. Look for a blazer and pants combo that is looser to emphasize your beauty.

5. Statement Top with Neutral Slacks

Spring is full of new beginnings, which is why it’s the perfect time for you to try out a fun statement piece. Your statement top might be a bold, bright color or have a fun, intricate pattern. Wearing these tops with a pair of neutral slacks creates a fashion-forward yet professional look.

If you’re wanting to accentuate your waist, curves, or hips, try a high-waisted, straight-leg pair of pants to go with your fun top. You’ll want a top pattern that doesn’t clash with your curves and waist, so avoid patterns that are too busy and draw attention away from your features. Round out your look with a pair of comfy, stylish shoes!

For narrower frames, taller body types, and anyone with broader features, you have quite a bit of freedom with your patterns or bold colors. Avoid patterns that draw attention to features you don’t need to accentuate, such as patterns that color block at your waist. With a pair of loose-leg pants and wedges or boots, this outfit is perfect for spring!

Create Your Perfect Spring Wardrobe

These five feminine, fun, and professional outfits are perfect for starting out your spring work wardrobe. Don’t miss out on creating a perfect spring outfit just because your shoes are too uncomfortable or high-maintenance! Add some Foot Petals to all your favorite shoes to keep them in good condition, make high heels more comfortable with our Back of Heel inserts for women’s shoes, and cushion your feet. These heel insert cushions keep your feet from slipping out of your shoes while also preventing blisters