How to Create a Spring Capsule Wardrobe


Having a closet that’s unorganized and full of clothes you don’t wear makes it nearly impossible to craft outfits. To fix that, use these tips to create your own spring capsule wardrobe!

What You Need In Your Capsule Wardrobe

Keep in mind that everyone’s style is different. If you never wear dresses, for example, you can skip that part. These are just some basic tips intended to make it easier for you to get dressed in the morning. Have fun with it!

Jackets or Outerwear

Neutral jackets and outerwear will usually be the most versatile, but you can definitely incorporate some patterns and fun colors if you’d like. The items need to accommodate both warm and cool weather. You should have:
● One warm coat (if it gets cold where you live)
● Two neutral blazers
● One medium coat for chilly days
● One cardigan, jean jacket, or similar outerwea


You’ll likely want to have one professional dress, one semi-formal or formal dress, and one light dress that you can wear for warmer leather or layer with outerwear. You might alternatively use a jumpsuit or romper for the same purposes. 


Having versatile tops makes creating new outfits easy. Most of your tops should be neutral colored, but adding in some fun patterns and colors will help add some variety to your outfits. You should have:
● Three blouses in white, black, and a pattern
● Two tanks, camisoles, or bodysuits in neutral colors
● Two long sleeves, with at least one in white or black

Sweaters and Other Layering Pieces

While spring isn’t nearly as cold as winter, there are some definitely chilly days. Having sweater or layering options in your closet will help you be able to seamlessly navigate both warm and cold weather. Your closet should include:
● One neutral turtleneck
● Two simple sweaters or crewnecks in white, black, or tan
● One warm sweater or sweatshirt
● One fun sweater or sweatshirt


Pants are the foundation of a great outfit. Your pants choices need to be comfortable and able to be worn for multiple occasions. Your wardrobe should have:
● Two neutral work-appropriate slacks or pants
● One pair of jeans
● One pair of leggings or sweatpants you feel comfortable wearing in public
● One pair of shorts


Skirts are a very versatile item of clothing that can create an outfit for any occasion. You should include a professional, dressy, and casual option. If you aren’t comfortable wearing skirts, you might add a couple more pairs of pants or shorts to your closet.


Although it may seem like you need a different pair of shoes for every occasion, narrowing down your closet to just a few pairs will still fit every occasion. For spring, you’ll want to incorporate options for both warmer and cooler days. Include:
● Two pairs of neutral tennis shoes–one pair for exercise or days with a lot of walking and one casual pair
● One pair of neutral dress shoes, such as heels, platforms, or flats
● One pair of loafers
● One pairs of sandals or slides

Maximize Your Style with a Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are the perfect way to maximize your style while minimizing the space it takes. With these tips, you’ll be able to create the perfect spring capsule wardrobe!