How to Layer Clothing

Woman walking outside during the fall time comfortably while wearing layered clothing

How to Layer Clothing to Stay Warm & Comfortable During Colder Months

How do you stay fashionable while trying to stay warm and comfortable in bad weather? Layering fall clothing is not always an easy task and requires technique. Here are some ways you can achieve that.

1. Layer with a sundress

Wait! Don't pack away that sundress! Wear them on top of any shirt of your choice. This trendy fashion hack is the perfect way to utilize strapless and backless dresses during winter. Just wear them on top of a long-sleeved shirt or sweater for that edgy look. The trick is you want to use a more muted top, but nothing is stopping you from rocking bold colors to bring back some of those summer vibes. Keep it simple with the shoes. Sneakers or black/beige booties will go perfectly.

2. Thigh-high boots over skin-colored tights

Here's the secret, folks. Wearing skin-colored tights is a perfect way to stay warm and cozy while also looking super fashionable, and the best part is nobody can tell you are wearing tights under those boots. All you need is a pair of matching skin-colored leggings and any pair of thigh-high boots. Say no to shivering this winter with this clothing hack.

3. Blazers, blazers, and more blazers

Blazers are the best for layering. They are super versatile because they quickly go on top of anything and everything. A blazer can be topped on a button-down shirt, a dress, a sweater, a jumpsuit, and even a t-shirt. To align your fall outfit with the recent fashion trends, wear a more muted color and loose fitted blazer. A belt around the waist will definitely spruce up your look.

4. Do not forget sweater vests

This next item is a wardrobe essential that is often forgotten about and not appreciated as much as it should be. Layering with a sweater vest can add emphasis to your sleeves and, if worn correctly, can optically slim your figure. It is a good idea to experiment with your blouse underneath; try pairing it with a butterfly sleeve shirt with some intricate design or a collar with embroidery.

5. Puffer jackets for the win

Puffer jackets are not only for when you go snowboarding. Because of recent fashion trends, puffer jackets are now worn as street-style wear and can really heighten up a boring outfit. These jackets are also the BEST way to stay warm in the winter, making running errands much more effortless. Style them with a pair of loose jeans, a monochromatic jumpsuit, and a pair of trendy sneakers to get that authentic trend-driven look.

Autumn and winter are a great time to get crafty, and these fashion hacks will keep you stylish all season long. Get creative and have some fun with these tips and tricks. How are you going to beat the cool down this year?