Practical versus Fashionable Clothing & Accessory Items

Woman wearing heels, heels causing foot discomfort

Trendy versus Functional Outfit Items

In our everyday life, we carry a handful of items. We accessorize ourselves to look trendy, but we should also keep our comfort in mind as well. Today our topic of discussion is trendy vs. functional items.

Let’s start with the clothes we choose to wear. One can buy a statement dress with sequins if it speaks to them, but the more practical choice is a button-down shirt, loose-fitted loungewear, silky drawstring joggers, and some comfy jeans that goes with most tees and tops. Because these attires are convenient and always a staple, you can get more wear in them than in a statement dress.

After clothes, the most important complimentary items are jewelry and other accessories to upgrade and add a little spark to your attire. You can wear heavy earrings that look fashionable but put a lot of weight on the ears and cause pain and discomfort. As an alternative, the practical choice can be to wear studs that complement the outfit while being comfy.

In day-to-day life, another essential addition is a bag. There is a wide variety of them, from clutches to cross-body bags to backpacks, flap bags, and many more. Using a clutch bag with very little space may not fit all items that you need or use regularly. A more practical option would be to carry a cute backpack or fashionable crossbody that holds many of your frequently used belongings.

Outfit items, clothing, shoes, Foot Petals Blister Preventer, Foot Petals 3/4 Shoe Cushions

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” You can wear a 6-inches pencil heel, no doubt it looks elegant, but it’s a struggle to walk in them for long hours. On the other hand, two-to-three inch block heels or flats are more practical while remaining trendy. You can also use the Foot Petals ¾ Insoles to provide some cushioning from the ball of foot to under heel. This will keep your feet from sliding in the shoes and help that burning pain that you can have under the ball of foot.  Another helpful tip is to add Foot Petals Blister Preventer to your purse! This little miracle anti-friction balm applies directly to your skin to prevent rubbing and irritation.

Although fashion that is not practical can work for events like dinners and parties, if we are talking about a whole day – comfort and functionality should be our priority.