Key Basics Every Wardrobe Needs

Key Basics Every Wardrobe Needs
Are you tired of sorting through your wardrobe and not finding anything that you want to wear? What you need are key closet essentials! These basics will help you create great outfits for every occasion.

1. Comfortable Tees

A few comfortable, basic t-shirts can be used as the foundation for almost any outfit. Dress them up with a nice blazer or sweater, wear them casually with a pair of jeans, or create the ultimate comfort outfit with a pair of sweatpants or leggings.

2. A Pair of Good Jeans

Jeans are an everyday staple. They’re perfect for casual outfits and can be dressed up with a sweater or blazer. Your staple jeans need to be the perfect fit for you for ultimate comfort. Any style is fine as long as you feel great in them!

3. A White Button-Up

A white button-up topi s a great choice when you’re struggling to create an outfit. It’s excellent for work and casual wear and can be easily layered. It’s the perfect solution for when you can’t decide what to wear.

4. Black Loafers

Every wardrobe needs a pair of nice, simple loafers. Black loafers are easy to throw on when you’re running late to work while still maintaining a put-together outfit. Your loafers should not be painful on your feet and in a style you enjoy.

5. Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are perfect for relaxed days. They’re the epitome of comfort-casual. Your tennis shoes should be a pair that will handle day-to-day wear. Choose a style that is best for your daily needs and in a neutral, easy-to-match color.

6. A Little Black Dress

While it doesn’t have to be physically “little,” a black staple dress is a must in your closet. This dress is the perfect thing to throw on for a date night out or wear to your work event. And, if you don’t like dresses, a black pantsuit or jumpsuit is the perfect alternative!

7. A Neutral Blazer

You need a good, neutral blazer. Black blazers will match the most outfits, but other toned-down colors such as white or tan are also great choices. Blazers are perfect for professional environments or as a layer on a cool day.

8. Black Heels

Just like your little black dress, your black heels are the chameleon of your closet. Heels can complement nearly any outfit. There’s no specific height, shape, or style that you need to choose, as long as it will go with a majority of your wardrobe.

9. A Simple Cardigan or Sweater

A simple cardigan or sweater is a key closet essential. It’s perfect for layering on colder days and also works to style lighter outfits. Wear simple styles in neutral colors and avoid crazy patterns or colors that don’t match the majority of your clothing.