Spring 2024 Shoe Trends & How to Make Them Comfy

women wearing spring 2024 shoe trends of kitten heels and flats

Couture Flip Flops & Kitten Heels: Top Spring Shoe Trends of 2024

Comfortable, functional, and stylish. Three words that describe the upcoming shoe trends for spring 2024. Fashion moguls worldwide love these styles, from the low-to-no heel pumps to fashion flip-flops and more.

To help you stay in-the-know, we've gathered all the details on the top 5 shoe trends for women this spring, and how you can make them comfy with Foot Petals® shoe cushions. Get ready to slip into some of the most chic and understated styles sure to match any vibe.

What Shoes Will Be Popular in Spring 2024?

The spring shoes that are in style in 2024 are flats, kitten heels, Mary Janes, and flip flops. While the ballet flats and platform Mary Janes are rolling over from fall 2023 shoe trends, we’re also seeing lower heels and polishing up more casual styles.

four trending women’s shoes on half pink and purple background

This soft approach to daily dressing feels like home for those with a minimalist wardrobe, but one thing the runways of New York and Paris revealed was that embellishments are in. Bows, tassels, pearls, 3D flowers, and appliques adorn the most strappy sandals while metallic accents lend brilliant edge to any flat or heel.

“Comfort dressing is in,” Helen David, Chief Merchant of Luxury at Kurt Geiger told Footwear News. “Uncomfortable and restrictive fashion is out.” High fashion has given us the seal of approval when it comes to dad sneakers, house slippers, and, yes, even your beloved Crocs™. In fact, we’re getting so comfortable this spring, socks with heels are officially on every designer’s radar.

Top Spring Shoe Trends of 2024

While the escape from sharp stilettos might seem like a relief for your feet and ankles, even the flattest styles can cause discomfort. For example, this season’s winning shoe style, the ballet flat, can cause arch pain especially for those with flat feet. This makes cushions with arch support, like our 2-in-1 ball of foot and arch support cushion, a must have for avoiding pain and other common shoe problems.

woman placing gel shoe insert with arch support in black shoe

Browse all Foot Petals shoe cushions for flats and inserts for heels, sandals, slides, and more so you can keep wearing the hottest trends without risking sore, achy feet. Now, let’s get down to business with the top 5 spring shoes of 2024:

1. Fashion Flats

Flats add a dose of comfort to any outfit, whether they be silver satin wedding flats or mesh ballet flats perfect for those humid spring afternoons. The look doesn’t stop there, though. Crochet mules, slingbacks, white leather loafers, and flat soles on boots are included in this trend.

Thanks to designers like Gucci®, we also have a huge surge of the flatform, adding instant lift to sandals, slides, and more. Want to feel like you're walking on a cloud in your newest pair? Add a ¾ insert cushion and curb chafed ankles and blisters with back of heel cushions.

spring outfit with black flats and ¾ shoe insert

2. Kitten Heels

Microheels, or kitten heels, are ultra-low heels designed to give you a boost of confidence and better posture. These tiny heels can be seen on slingbacks, mules, ankle booties, and office pumps of all kinds. Wear kitten heel loafers to the office or snakeskin boots on a girl's night out like some of your fave celebs.

Many kitten heel styles have zero heel support or back. Your feet might slide more often, causing burning pain and calluses on your forefoot. Prevent sliding with a discrete ball of foot cushion and add a little support where you need it most with gel arch support cushions and heel cushions.

pink suede slingback kitten heels

3. Mary Janes

Mary Janes are the classic Ivy League shoe, but they’ve gone through a lot of style upgrades. The perfect flat, platform, or block heel, Mary Janes may feature anything from enormous buckles to leather and suede finishes and tiebacks.

Freshen up your spring capsule wardrobe with a pair of white leather Mary Janes or shine bright like a diamond with metallic silver pumps. Keep your favorite new footwear clean before those spring showers hit with Foot Petals shoe protection spray for leather and suede.

woman wearing purple tights and white Mary Janes

4. Couture Flip Flops & Sandals

Flip flips and sandals are taking a high fashion turn. From Chanel® to Burberry® and Miu Miu®, they’re the season’s biggest trending women’s spring shoes. Choose from flat and barely-there flip flops, ultra strappy gladiators, leather flatforms, and bedazzled varieties of each.

Despite being one of the top trending spring shoes, flip flops can be a pain for your feet. Take the pressure off your toes with gel ball of foot cushions for sandals and prevent slipping on wet surfaces with no-slip grips. All our cushions for flip flops are discrete and help absorb shock so you can comfortably wear your favorite warm weather shoe.

spring outfit and black sandals with gel ball of foot cushions

5. Socks & Hosiery

Traditionally, wearing socks with heels is one way to break in shoes so they fit better. Fashion month has made this handy dandy technique one of the trendiest ways to wear your favorite looks.

From panty hose to nylons and mesh knee-highs to ribbed cotton crews, let your socks cozy up those springtime wedges, peep-toe pumps, and sandals, too. Some designers went so far as to include the sock in the design, a memorable nod to the introduction of the sock boot.

Every woman who’s ever worn a pair of panty hose knows that feet slipping in tights can make this style near impossible to pull off. Luckily, all Foot Petals cushions work great with hosiery to prevent sliding.

woman wearing socks with platform heels standing on pink purse

Stay On Trend this Spring with Foot Petals

Sometimes, pulling off a trendy look can be hard. Sadly, not all shoes are made with the wearer’s comfort in mind. Thankfully, spring 2024 shoe trends are all about comfort and practicality, though some still aren’t the best for your foot health. With Foot Petals shoe cushions, you can wear all the newest styles while keeping your feet healthy and happy with discrete, cushioned comfort.

Foot Petals® is not affiliated with Crocs™, Chanel®, Burberry®, Miu Miu®, Gucci®, or any other shoe manufacturer. Reference and trademarks used above are examples of shoe types that Foot Petals cushions are designed to work with.


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