How to Wear Socks with Heels

Woman wearing blue socks with light blue heels

Your Guide to Wearing Heels with Socks

Current fashion trends are all about the unconventional. That includes footwear, too. Wearing socks with your heels is both versatile and chic, offering a boost of comfort and warmth that's perfect for transitioning into spring. Keep reading to find out how you can curate the perfect outfit for wearing socks with heels.

Woman wearing white lace socks with green heels

Is it OK to Wear Socks with Heels?

At Foot Petals, we’re all about comfy solutions to shoe problems. Wearing socks with heels is an unconventional pairing, but give it a high fashion twist and you have a trending combo that’s just as stylish as it is practical. So, yes, wearing socks and heels together is okay and even encouraged.

When figuring out how to wear socks with heels properly, there are a few guidelines you should follow:

  1. Choose Thinner Socks – Socks made of thinner, more breathable materials like mesh, nylon, or cotton are the best socks to wear with heels. Too thick a sock can make your fit feel awkward.
  2. Coordinate Colors – The easiest way to pull off the heels with socks trend is balancing the colors you wear with similar hued accessories like purses, jewelry, jackets, scrunchies, and hairbands.
  3. Simplify Your Outfit – If you want to try wearing high heels with socks, use this trend as the focal point of your outfit and simplify the rest for more balanced results.

Woman outside placing black back of heel cushion into blue high heel

Do you have a hard time wearing heels or get blisters from slingbacks that keep slipping? While socks do provide a soft barrier of protection, they don’t have enough cushion to relieve all your aches and pains. Using Foot Petals shoe cushions with this look gives you the discreet comfort you need while perfecting your fit and eliminating issues like blisters, ball of foot pain, slippery straps, and more.

Socks with Heels Outfit Ideas

If you’re looking for a more comfortable way to wear high heels, slipping into some soft ankle socks and adding back of heel cushions to your fit may provide just the relief you need. Socks are full of untapped potential, allowing you to make a statement about your style and connecting your feet to your clothes. Here are seven chic and simple ways you can pull off this trending look:

Woman on couch wearing white rainbow socks with yellow heels

Pair Socks and Sandals

Socks and Birkenstock sandals are a common combo for good reason. Ideal for spring weather, wearing these two together keeps your feet cozy and lets them breathe. For sporty contrast, wear athletic socks with a pair of velvet platform sandals, or freshen up your spring wardrobe with white knee highs and sandals. Need a fix for slippery straps or ball of foot pain? Check out Foot Petals cushions for sandals.

Woman surrounded by plants and wearing knee high socks with sandals

Stand with Sheer Elegance

Sheer socks with heels is the barely-there look we love. A sheer and shimmery ankle sock with strappy sandals exudes elegance and beauty whether you're going to a wedding, girls' night out, or cocktail hour. Top it all off with a flowy midi dress, a bodycon dress, or your favorite LBD. To keep things discreet, we suggest gel heel cushions and gel ball of foot cushions so you can dance all night pain free.

Woman placing air gel ball of foot cushion into black high heel

Be Edgy with Mesh

Fishnet mesh socks with heels exude a punkish grunge aesthetic. They work well with strappy black stilettos, chunky heels, and even canvas sneakers, lending all classic looks some modern edge. The little bit of skin fishnet socks show off does mean there’s a chance you could still get blisters. Choose black or gel spot dot cushions to pad out any trouble spots.

Pair of white sneakers with black fishnet socks

Choose Neutrals for Work

For sleek and sophisticated office attire, wear a pair of nude socks with matching pumps, or keep it classic with a pair of gray ribbed socks and smokey gray or black high heels. This look plays well with checkered or striped slacks and pencil skirts, and it’s so simple, you’ll have time in the morning to get through the Starbucks drive-thru. Just be sure to choose a pair of nude or black Foot Petals shoe inserts to keep your feet comfy all shift long. 

Woman sitting on bench putting black shoe insert into black heel

Elevate Booties with Knee Highs

While we love a cute winter boot outfit, spring usually means storing your snow boots and breaking out those ankle booties. On chilly mornings, keep your legs warm and your style lifted with a pair of knee-high socks in the same color as your ankle boots or wedges. This gives the illusion that you’re wearing boots, while no slip grips offer much needed traction on rainy days. 

Get Flirty with Ruffles

Love your Mary Janes, but want to turn them up a notch? Frilly socks have a forever flirty, girly vibe that’s comfy and fun plus coordinates with any color pump, clog, or heel. Get dolled up when you slip on a pair of ruffled lace socks with heels, peep-toe pumps, or kitten heels, and either a billowy blouse or mini skirt. Keep those straps from digging, too, with discreet strap cushions. 

Woman wearing white ruffled lace socks with pink high heels

Go Bold with Color Blocking

Color blocking in fashion means pairing articles of clothing that are opposites on the color wheel to create an outfit in which all the pieces complement each other. Rather than focusing on just your footwear, color block your entire outfit. For example, navy socks and magenta pumps make sense with an orange jacket and yellow top. Depending on the footwear you choose, keep your colorful look protected with Foot Petals shoe protection. 

Woman wearing purple knee high socks with yellow high heels

Wearing Heels and Socks with Foot Petals

While the softness and warmth of wearing socks with heels makes it possible to start wearing your favorite spring and summer looks early, shoe cushions and inserts ensure your feet are comfortable and pain-free while rocking the newest styles. Achieve all your favorite trending looks with Foot Petals.