The 9 Best Fall Shoe Trends of 2023

Two women on steps outside wearing women’s heels for fall

Modern Classics: Fall 2023 Shoe Trends

This fall and winter of 2023, the fashion world is updating all your favorite classics and leaving nothing off limits. Keep hold of your summer sandals and slides, at least for the first month, and get ready for a bodacious boot season. Foot Petals® shoe cushions are the best way to make these fall 2023 shoe trends the comfiest and most stylish yet.

Foot Petals shoe cushions and products with fall decor

What are the top fall/winter shoe trends for 2023-2024?

All your staple fall looks are in this year from leather boots and booties to sexy holiday heels, office flats, and everyday slip-ons. What’s different about women’s shoes for fall this season? Designers turn their focus to more practical styles with an updated look, creating a satisfying blend of comfort and high fashion. With our discreet shoe cushions and inserts, we couldn’t agree more.

Here are the top 9 women’s fall shoe trends of 2023 with more info below:

  1. Slouching Boots
  2. Sock Boots
  3. Western Boots
  4. Combat Boots
  5. Pointed Toes
  6. Shades of Red
  7. Platforms
  8. Mary Janes
  9. Cozy Outdoor Slippers
Collage of trending women’s shoes for fall

Slouchy Over-the-Knee Boots

Give your shoe collection the slouch it deserves with slouchy over-the-knee women’s fall boots. From a little bit to a whole lot, wide layers of fabric and tons of texture including suede and leather dominate this season’s boot looks. Pair them with a coffee date-ready sweater dress or sleek leather mini skirt.

The most practical design aspect of this look is how well it works for those with wider calves, as the extra fabric offers more stretch. Heel heights vary, too, so support your arches in anything above a two-inch heel with arch support cushions or a ¾ insert. Opting for a flatter boot? Discreet no-slip grips are a must-have for added traction.

Two pairs of women's over the knee fall boots

Sock Boots

For a cozy boot that hugs your feet, sock boots are one of the top trending women’s fall booties. Styles range from slim knee-high boots to ribbed ankle booties made of soft, stretchy materials like neoprene, suede, and knit fabric. Before you slip into these figure-hugging fall booties, protect them from water, stains, and dirt with Foot Petals shoe protection sprays.

Foot Petals shoe protector sprays and fall decor

Western Boots

The western riding boot is in, and whether you’re a country sweetheart or a city girl, this fall favorite brings a sophisticated look. Still a go-to boot for pumpkin patches and hayrides, this season welcomes cowgirl boots as mismatched complements to denim skirts, slacks, wide leg pants, jumpsuits, rompers, and more.

Most western boots feature a shorter, thicker heel ideal for stability and reduced pressure. For ultimate pressure relief plus stability, simply add an air gel heel cup to your boots. Fight ball of foot pain and bunions in pointed or square toe boots with gel ball of foot cushions and gel spot cushions.

Combat Boots

Your edgy teen years called, and they want you to wear your combat boots again. Brought to you by the punk style of the late and beloved Vivienne Westwood, these cult classic boots come in a variety of designs for the grunge and prep crowds alike complete with lug soles, laces, and zippered sides.

Though manufactured as a practical boot great for cooler weather, some combat boots can seriously lack cushion and support. A ¾ insert with extra cushion or a plantar fasciitis insole for heel pain transform your fall combat boots into an everyday fall fashion staple.

Women's fall combat boots with outfit

Pointed Toe Pumps & Flats

An iconic tapered look that exudes elegance and sheer boss woman energy, pointed toes are spearheading fall 2023 fashion from women’s fall heels to flats. This sleek, streamlined shoe makes every trip to the copy machine a catwalk strut in black court shoes, sexy pumps, or velvet flats.

This is not the healthiest trend for your tootsies, forcing them into a compressed shape and causing problems like ball of foot pain, bunions or blisters. Take the pressure off and prevent discomfort with ball of foot cushions in black or khaki and safeguard your feet with blister prevention basics.

Woman using blister prevention balm on foot wearing black pointed heels

Red Hot Looks

What better statement color could be used to highlight this cozy season than shades of fiery red? Whether you need a statement heel for a Halloween costume or an ankle bootie for your Aries inspired outfits, red shoes are trending for fall/winter 2023. Just add them to your trendy fall outfits for a haute look at the office, girl’s night out, and every holiday soiree.

Woman holding red shoes with back of heel cushion

Platforms Galore

If you're shopping in-store or buying shoes online, you’ll notice an influx of platform styles. From boots to clogs and sneakers, too, platform shoes have a thicker sole under the ball of the foot, giving them a heavier and more comfortable feel. Plus, who could pass up the convenient height boost?

Some platforms have more rigid foot beds, changing how your feet move naturally. To support good foot health, you’ll want to add shoe cushions for sneakers, boots, or heels depending on the platform style you fall in love with.

Two pairs of platform shoes for fall

Mary Janes

Trade in your flats or loafers for a brand-new pair of Mary Janes. This classic fall shoe for women is a timeless pick with modish updates like chunky heels, thick tread, sculpted silhouettes, and all sorts of finishes from metallic sheen to matte or patent leather.

The new styles of Mary Janes feature plenty of straps and buckles with sometimes thinly lined interiors. If you love this retro academia aesthetic, protect your feet and wear your trending fall shoes longer with strap cushions and back of heel cushions that stop ankle chaffing and keep your heels from slipping out.

Winter Ready Slides & Outdoor Slippers

This fall trend is where your cozy slides and sandals come into the picture. If you love the socks with heels trend, then you’ll adore wearing a cozy pair of knit, cotton, or wool socks with your Birkenstocks®, clogs, or braided slides. When wearing your cool-weather outdoor slippers or suede sandals, use gel shoe cushions for discreet comfort where you need it most.

Stay on Trend with Foot Petals Shoe Cushions

It’s normal to experience some foot aches and pains in brand new styles, but to help you break in new shoes and resolve common shoe problems, Foot Petals shoe cushions for boots, heels, and more prevent and relieve pain so you can stay on trend this fall without sacrificing comfort.