Most Comfortable Heels for Standing All Day

Woman standing in high heels and placing ball of foot cushion in heel

The 7 Best Comfortable Heels for Standing & Walking

We all laughed when Margot Robbie effortlessly stepped out of those fuzzy pink sandals with perfect Barbie™ feet in the doll’s live action film. Chances are that the real Barbie would be in a lot of pain from wearing heels all day, putting her feet in unhealthy positions. Wearing heels for an extended time can harm your foot health and cause problems like knee, hip, or back pain.

Instead, opt for a pair of comfortable high heels with support and stability that lets you wear them longer. Foot Petals® shoe cushions are the best way to make heels more comfortable for standing or walking. Check out these tips and product recommendations to make standing in heels easier and comfier.

Woman placing ¾ shoe insert into nude heel

Is it OK to wear high heels all the time?

Though chic and sexy, high heels are not good for your feet. The more you wear them, the higher chance you have of developing painful foot problems. The structure of a high heel raises your heel above your arch, changing your foot’s natural position which can cause instability and a lack of support. It also places excessive pressure on the balls of the feet and toes.

Woman sitting on steps wearing heels holding aching foot

This unnatural position can damage your feet over time, causing anything from bunions and calluses to neuromas or plantar fasciitis. Unless it is part of your job and you have time to rest your feet, you should avoid wearing high heels all the time and instead wear them in moderation. If you’re expecting, consider wearing these best shoes to wear when pregnant instead.

How long should you stand in heels?

Whether it’s for work, a girls’ night out, or a special event like a summer wedding, there are occasions when you might have to wear heels for several hours. Here is how long you can wear heels before it becomes unhealthy:

  • 1.5 inches or less: From shopping on vacation to long presentations at the office, these heels can be worn for up to four hours a day. The most comfortable heels under 1.5 inches include some sandals, kitten heels, pumps, and Mary Janes.
  • 1.5 to 3 inches: This is the best height with the most variety of design from ankle booties to stilettos and more. A 1.5-to-3-inch heel gives you up to three hours of comfortable wear.
  • 3.5 inches or more: Heels over 3.5 inches should be avoided or worn for no more than one hour, making them more suited for Instagram photoshoots or quick coffee dates.

3 high heels of different heights and the hours of allotted wear time

Tips for Standing in Heels Without Pain

Foot Petals discreet shoe cushions for heels, pumps, and wedges are the best way to make heels more comfortable so you can stand in them longer. Our shoe cushions are designed for women who want to wear whatever shoes they want including petite pumps and towering stilettos. So you can stand in high heels without pain, here are our best tips for what to look for in the most comfortable high heels:

  • The right fit: The wrong size heels will hurt your feet. Measure your feet before buying shoes online or in store and plan ahead for breaking in new shoes. Heel liners and spot cushions help correct issues with fit whether your heels are too big, or you have uncomfortable rubbing.
  • Arch support: A supportive midsole helps distribute weight more evenly, reduce pressure on your feet, and prevent foot fatigue. Give your arches a boost in all heels with arch support cushions including flexible, reusable gel arch support cushions.
  • Non-slip sole: Slippery soles are a recipe for disaster, especially when walking in heels already feels unstable. Add traction to shoes that need it with no-slip grips.
  • Shock absorbing cushioning: Heels with plenty of cushioning absorb shock, reduce foot fatigue, and relieve pain. Our ¾ inserts for heels are a discreet way to add extra cushion underfoot while ball of foot cushions and air gel ball of foot cushions minimize pressure and prevent sliding.
  • Thicker heel: The chunkier the heel, the more stable the shoe. Adding heel cup cushions to your shoes is the best way to give them more stability plus relieve heel pain.
  • Slip-on design: Slip-ons are more comfortable because they are easier to take off, especially after a long day of being on your feet. Worried about backless shoes slipping off? Secure your fit with shoe cushions for slip-ons.
  • Versatility: Every woman should own a pair of heels she can wear to work and for fun. Comfortable heels are best when they pair well with multiple outfits in casual and formal settings.
  • Easy care materials: The most comfortable heels should also be practical, which is why we have shoe care spray that makes taking care of canvas, leather, suede, and dress shoes a breeze.

Woman placing air gel ball of foot cushion in black chunky heeled shoe

7 Cute & Comfortable Heels for All-Day Wear

Using our tips on choosing the most comfortable heels for standing all day, here are seven types of shoes you can wear all day long. For a bonus hack for high heels, consider styling your heels with socks for a trendy look. From comfortable heels for work to the best vacation sandals, check out these cozy chic heels for all day wear:

1. Wedges – The thick sole of wedged sandals, boots, and heels provides better stability and helps with weight distribution. From espadrilles to black velvet wedges, you can't go wrong with this chic women’s shoe.
2. Block Heel Sandals – A low, thick heel, breathable leather or suede, and fitted straps make block heel sandals the most comfortable heeled sandals for standing and walking. Plus, strap cushions soften your straps for less rubbing and a better fit.
3. Kitten Heels – A timeless choice, kitten heels are perfect office attire that double as elegant date night heels or a sophisticated complement to casual mom jeans. This mini stiletto is the ideal heel if you want something short and alluring.
4. Ankle Booties – Perfect for your fall wardrobe, ankle boots with a chunky heel provide greater ankle stability. Choose a pair with plenty of cushion and arch support for stylish boots you’ll want to wear all season long.
5. Chunky Heel Pumps – Many designers make chunky heel pumps for women who want a comfortable heel for work. They’re sensible and versatile for all day wear. Choose a pair with a rounded toe box and built-in orthotic support for the most comfort.
6. Mary Janes – These classic shoes tend to be the most comfortable heels for wide feet. Look for a pair with flexible, breathable leather, a wide toe box, and enough tread.
7. High Heel Mules – Also great for wide feet and low arches, high heel mules are popular among minimalist wardrobes for their practical, stylish design. The chunky heel adds stability while flexible uppers secure your feet.

Strap cushions, black high heels, and a floral dress

Make Heels Comfortable for Standing with Foot Petals

Foot Petals discreet shoe cushions give women the freedom to wear every shoe from tall stilettos to gym sneakers and strappy sandals. With our shoe inserts and comfortable cushions, you can make any pair the most comfortable heels in your shoe collection.


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