You say you can’t wear heels?!!! Say whhhaaattt??

You did not say that! Ok - Let’s talk. I get it. Even the most gorgeous heels can ruin a day, a night, or an event. Nobody wants to feel the pain that heels can bring.

I hear it all the time. "Don’t show me those. I can’t wear them. They will hurt!" And maybe that's true, but that's only because we have yet to uncover my trade secrets.

Do you see those stars on the red carpet standing for hours in those gorgeous heels that look like they were designed by a sadist? It's not magic, there is always a way.....

One of the secrets to wearing heels with comfort is Foot Petals®. They' re incredible little cushions that come in all the right shapes and sizes for the inside of your shoes. My favorite is the flower that you place at the ball of your foot where the most pressure is applied when you stand [Ball of Foot Cushions].

There are strips [Strap Cushions] and mini flowers [Spot Dot Cushions] to place on the backs of ankles and toes, depending on the pressure points of the shoe. When I say this product is life-changing that's a vast understatement. Another secret is to buy your heels either a half or whole size bigger than your normal [Back of Heel Cushions].

This gives you more room to add more Foot Petals®. All of a sudden your heels feel like your most comfortable shoes.

I encourage open toed heels and platforms all the time. They are extremely in style and give less points for pain. These also are made more comfortable with extra padding!

This isn't to say you need to wear heels all the time, but at least you won't be afraid to pull them off the shelf before a night out! Sexy is satisfying and no matter what: you deserve it!




Guest writer: Kriena Nederveen
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