Best Shoes to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Bride smiling while carrying wedding sandals and bouquet

What Shoes to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Summer, AKA the season of weddings. Everyone and their cousin, sister, coworker, best friend, and maybe even yourself are getting married. Summer lovin’ is here along with warm, sunny days, and the question of, “What do I wear?” Foot Petals® has all your shoe problems covered from tight straps and slipping slingbacks to what to wear to a summer wedding so you can stay cool, comfy, and stylish.

Two women wearing heeled sandals among flower petals

Choosing Summer Wedding Shoes

Beach and outdoor weddings are a dream come true, but sand filled peep-toes and stilettos that sink into the grass with each step can quickly ruin your look and mood. When choosing the best summer wedding shoes, consider footwear that’s practical and fashionable such as:

Of course, the type of shoe you wear also depends on the formality of the event, where it takes place, and your part. If you’re a bride who has been dreaming of the perfect stiletto since age seven, by all means wear the shoes you want. Otherwise, your ideal wedding guest shoes should keep your feet cool and comfortable as you’ll be wearing them for several hours.

Three pairs of summer wedding sandals

Indoor vs Outdoor Wedding Shoes

Many couples opt for an outdoor ceremony in the summer whether it’s an intimate backyard setting or a destination beach wedding. Outdoor wedding shoes with breathable materials and cut outs keep feet cool while chunky heels won’t sink into ground. Dressy summer sandals and wedges are a couple of smart picks.

Indoor weddings in the summer are also ideal as they mean fewer bugs, less risk of weather problems, and potential for A/C. Any shoe style works for indoor weddings, but wearing a cushioned ¾ insert in your shoes guarantees a comfier fit for long wear.

Dress Code

You may be tempted to reflect the casual, carefree summer mood in your wedding guest outfit, but you should respect the dress code. That might mean skipping the sundress and flip flops for a formal strap gown with silver gladiators. Your wedding invite is a good clue as to whether you should wear formal, semi-formal, or casual wedding shoes. If you’re choosing a dress code for your own wedding, base decisions off your dress style and the venue.

The Best Summer Wedding Shoes

Looking for summer wedding shoes that aren’t heels, or need comfortable heeled sandals to match your cocktail dress? Whether you prefer to plan an outfit based on the shoes first or your clothes, you’re sure to find the perfect wedding sandals, heels, or flats from the options below:

Woman carrying wedding shoes with blue ball of foot cushions inside


You can never go wrong with a pair of nude, white, or silver wedding sandals. Summer wedding sandals with a chunky heel, over-the-toe strap and glittery embellishments make you feel like a princess white pearl, lace and rhinestone sandals elevate any bridal gown.

Worried about your feet hurting on the big day? Avoid tight straps and make slingbacks and strappy sandals fit like a glove with strap cushions. Our ball of foot cushions for sandals are also specially tailored to keep feet from sliding in thong style shoes, while heart ball of foot cushions make you want to say, “I do," to comfortable wedding sandals.

Woman placing gel ball of foot cushion for sandals inside nude sandal

Slide Sandals

A pair of slide wedding sandals is the closest you can get to a barefoot beach wedding while keeping it classy. Fun and carefree, slides are breathable and comfortable sandals for a wedding guest. Opt for nude, champagne, or white leather slides to pair with your casual midi dress or linen gown.

Person in floral dress wearing white leather slides

Slides lack support and cushion which can lead to aching feet. They can also easily slip if the tread is worn or too flat. Avoid discomfort and embarrassment when you support your arches with arch support cushions and use our no slip grips that adhere to the bottom of the shoe for instant traction.

Chunky Heels

A four-inch stiletto isn’t your only choice when dressing for a formal or semi-formal wedding. You can still get that leg-lengthening effect from a gorgeous pair of chunky sandals or platforms and a slit gown or skirt. Maintain an elegant appearance with either metallic silver or classic black block heels.

Woman placing gel heel cushion into floral chunky heel

Like stilettos, wobbly ankles can get you down – and not down the aisle. Simply place a discreet air gel heel cup into your chunky sandals or platforms to help stabilize your ankles and keep you upright. And for those pesky spots where the shoe doesn’t quite fit? Try spot dot cushions for all your trouble spots.

Espadrilles (Wedges)

Espadrille wedges are the perfect beach wedding sandals. They offer a boho chic vibe to both casual and semi-casual venues plus they’re the perfect heeled sandal for walking through sand. Pair them with a light blue or floral sundress or a vintage lace gown.

Blue espadrille wedges on a beach

Shop espadrilles in timeless or embroidered designs and protect them from stains with a shoe protector spray. If you plan to wear your espadrilles for an extended period of time or as your reception shoe, place a ¾ gel insert with extra cushion inside for added comfort that’s discreet.

Wedding Flats

For a vintage theme, brides might want a pair of off-white bridal flats with pearls and lace accents. Meanwhile, pastel blue flats perfectly suit your “something blue.” As a guest, silver ballet flats with a maxi dress exude romance while white leather flats with a pointed toe match a flowing pants suit.

 White bridal flats with gemstone embellishments

While they may seem easier to wear than heels, ballet flats come with their own issues from blisters to cuts on the backs of your heels. Avoid blisters easily with our blister relief products and keep your heels safe and painless with back of heel cushions in colors that discreetly match the inside of your shoe.

Foot Petals: A Summer Wedding Essential

Glittery pink sandals with pink ball of foot cushions inside

Whether you’re a guest, a bridesmaid, or a bride, Foot Petals shoe cushions are a summer wedding essential. We make it easy to wear any shoe you want, cushioning your feet for a summer full of shoe love. Not sure which shoe cushions you need? Try our shoe cushion kits for an all-in-one fix or use our product finder. Say, “I do,” to stylish shoes and comfy feet with Foot Petals!