8 Cute Winter Boot Outfit Ideas

Woman wearing boots standing in the snow on a street

How to Style an Outfit with Winter Boots

When it comes to choosing the right shoes for winter, practicality and style go hand in hand. You want a pair that’s ultra cute and cozy to go with your wool midi coat, leather jeggings, or those baggy mom jeans. They must have the right look and the right features for keeping your feet warm and dry while avoiding a total wipe-out on those slippery sidewalks.

Wondering how to style boots in the winter? Our guide to choosing the perfect pair of winter boots tells you how to pick the right kind of snow or fashion boots to go along with all your cold weather outfits.

Woman wearing snow covered boots

Picking Stylish Winter Boots

The best winter boots are functional and fashionable, meaning they perform well in cold or wet weather and look on-trend with the day’s styles. Think cute and cozy with good grip. Of course, you can always add extra grip to a boot with little or worn tread with Foot Petals no-slip grips.

Person in coat sitting down and tying black combat boots

To start, consider the type of boots you like to wear, the materials they are made of, and what weather you plan to wear them in. Snow boots with warm faux fur lining and a waterproof fabric exterior are best for blizzards on campus. Meanwhile, your suede ankle booties are better for going out for coffee on crisp, chilly days with more sunshine and less sleet.

Types of Winter Boots

Collage of women’s winter boots

While you could wear any shoe you want in the wintertime especially if you live in warmer climates, winter boots, or snow boots, are designed specifically to handle snow, sleet, ice, and rain. Among the shoes every woman should own, add snow boots to the list. Here are a few different types of winter boots and booties to consider:

  • Combat boots
  • Hiking boots
  • Cowgirl & riding boots
  • Snow boots
  • Over-the-knee or thigh-high boots
  • Wedge boots & booties
  • Chunky ankle boots
  • Duck boots
  • Sheepskin boots
  • Lug-sole boots

Keep in mind that some types of boots complement multiple outfits while others align better with casual or formal clothing. Also, boots with wedges or chunkier heels offer better stability than, say, a sock boot with a short stiletto. Duck boots and rain boots rule in wet environments due to their waterproof materials and anti-slip rubber tread.

Materials to Look For

Quality winter boots feature materials that are waterproof or water-resistant. The interior of the boot should have a warm lining that keeps water out, so your feet remain warm and dry. Some boots have hard inner soles, which is why it’s always a good idea to add a cushioned shoe insert or ball of foot cushions so your shoes stay comfy all day long.

Ankle boots with Foot Petals ¾ shoe inserts

Pick a pair that checks off all the boxes for good traction, a warm interior, and a waterproof or water-resistant exterior. Some materials to look for include:

  • Faux fur
  • Fleece or microfleece
  • Sweater or knit fabric
  • Rubber soles with deep tread
  • EVA or EVA-blend foam inner sole
  • Leather
  • Nylon mesh

Although there are some super stylish and affordable winter boots available on second-hand shoe seller sites, investing in a higher quality pair means the materials are likely better suited for the elements. They’ll last longer and keep your feet protected. If you want a leather or suede boot, always pretreat them with shoe cleaners and protectors to maintain their quality look and feel.

Suede ankle boots next to Foot Petals water and stain repellent spray

Warm & Stylish Winter Boot Outfits

The shoes make the outfit regardless of the season. But what do you wear with winter boots? Your clothing picks should fit the conditions, too. One of the biggest problems with coming up with cute winter outfits is how to stay warm and stylish. Because the weather can be a little temperamental, always try to dress in layers that complement your look.

Also, choose accessories like hats, scarves, and knit socks that tie your outfit together rather than appear distracting. Match the color of your scarf to your socks, choose a beanie or beret that fits your hair rather than hides it, and pick shoes that match your aesthetic.

Here are 8 easy winter outfits with boots for a chic and comfy look this winter:

Winter Combat Boot Outfit

If your style leans more toward edgy or goth, a good pair of leather or faux-leather combat boots and a warm lining does the trick. Combat boots make great winter boots because of their rubber soles with deep tread.

Winter combat boot outfit

Pair winter combat boots with black jeggings and a black leather jacket plus a gray infinity scarf for a total girl boss look. Keep your black aviator sunglasses handy for those sunny winter afternoons, too. Leaning more toward a grunge look this winter? Swap out the pants for fleece black tights, plaid skirt, and top it off with some classic Dr. Martens.

Classic Knee Highs

Boots with a collar or cuff that stops at the knees or just below are a timeless staple to any winter outfit. With rubber soles, a warm inside lining, and protection all around the calf and shin area, they’re the perfect pick for everyday wear and all types of weather.

Winter knee high boot outfit

For a formal look, choose black leather knee highs to go with your pants suit or office slacks. The color and material are sure to work with any longer trench or midi coat you own. Brown knee highs are also a classic, pairing well with your favorite pair of blue skinny jeans and a knit sweater.

Over-the-Knee Drama

Thigh highs and boots that reach over your knees are a clever way to add both warmth, style, and coverage to your look. They offer a touch of sophistication to both skinny jeans and skirts plus protect your thighs and shins from those blasts of cold wind.

Winter thigh high boot outfit

While they do look stunning when worn with blue skinny jeans and a beautiful cashmere turtleneck, black thigh-high boots make the most of winter skirt outfits. Whether you're dressing for a date night or shopping spree, a black sweater dress, sheer black tights, and a sultry red lip with over-the-knee boots is a dramatic affair.

The Duck Boot Look (or Hiking Boots)

Available in a variety of designs and prints, duck boots are a jack of all trades in the wintertime. Plus, you can wear them all the way through spring due to their rain-proof rubber outer shell. Hiking boots are also a great swap for this look.

Winter hiking boot outfit

Many fashionistas like to wear duck boots or hiking boots with skinny jeans or warm fleece-lined leggings, a flannel or a long sweater, and a puffer vest. Wear a pair of sweater or knit socks that stop about mid-calf for added warmth.

Comfy-Cozy Sheepskin

Who isn’t familiar with the UGG boot look? Sheepskin boots are basically slippers you can wear outside with a faux fur lining and rubber soles. However, it’s important to pretreat these boots with a water repellent and try not to wear them in weather that’s too wet. Since they usually have flat inner soles, too, consider some arch support cushions.

Winter UGG boot outfit

On your next trip out the door, wear your sheepskin boots with a knit sweater layered over a cami top and dark blue skinny jeans. An infinity scarf along with a pair of crystal or pearl stud earrings makes this look a comfortable winter outfit for staying home, catching up with the girls, or putting together a holiday outfit.

Winter Ankle Booties

Ankle boots in the winter are perfectly fine on days where there is no snow, or the streets have been plowed. The two most common designs have either a chunky heel or a wedge and plenty of tread. Both options offer decent stability when walking, but using a heel cushion or heel cup gives an added boost.

Winter ankle bootie outfit

Skinny jeans and ankle boots are an easy combo. Wear a slim sweater sock that stops a few inches above the cuff of the boot, throw your hair into a messy bun, and stay warm in the office or in class with a colorful cardigan and thick scarf.

Styling with Snow Boots

Insulated snow boots with a faux fur or sherpa cuff are easy to work into any winter outfit. Even snow boots that have a nylon mesh exterior and colorful laces are easy to pair with other winter accessories like gloves or hats in a similar hue.

Winter snow boot outfit

If you have a coat or jacket with the same shade of fur lining as that on your boots, then simply wear these two together. Just like the duck boot, a sweater and a puffer vest also complement a good pair of snow boots.

Chunky Lug-Sole Boots Look

The lug-sole boot won the hearts of many stylists over the years. Not only is this chunky rubber and leather boot super stylish, but it’s also extremely versatile. You can find them in ankle, half-calf, and knee-high lengths plus platform lug-soles are a huge win in the winter for the edgier crowd.

Winter lug sole boot outfit

Lug-sole boots have a combat boot look with a sleeker finish and come in every color. They work well with short skirts, leather leggings, sweaters, baggy slacks, and even long dresses. Consider wearing lug sole boots with high-waisted jeans, a loose blouse, and a wool blazer for a chic winter outfit.

Foot Petals for Winter Boots

You’ve got the outfit ideas. Now, make sure your winter boots look stylish and feel comfy for longer. Foot Petals has you covered when it comes to making your winter boots more comfortable with shoe cushions and inserts. Plus, our line of products for leather and suede boot care keeps your winter booties in the best shape.