Hiking Outfits for Summer

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8 Practical & Cute Summer Hiking Outfits

Summer has the cutest clothes from sundresses and wedges to rompers with sandals. Looking chic is a breeze at the beach or your BFF’s summer wedding, but how can you look cute while hiking? Whether you're climbing desert hills for your Instagram feed or enjoying another weekend at a nearby national park, these casual, fashionable hiking outfits for summer let you enjoy your hot girl nature walk while staying comfy, cool, and cute.

Woman standing in desert wearing summer hiking outfit

What Should I Wear on a Summer Hike?

Even if you're just sightseeing in the woods for a few hours, summer hiking clothes must be versatile and practical. Your clothes protect you from environmental factors like the sun’s UV rays, mosquitoes, ticks, overgrown brambles, and more. Dressing in layers is crucial in hot weather since temperatures change often. You’ll need a base layer, such as a tank top, and a full-sleeve option like a colorful pull-over to keep your skin protected.

Woman hiking in summer wearing a tank top, shorts and a ball cap

Lightweight, Weather-Ready Materials

Choose hiking clothes made of lightweight, breathable materials. Cotton is generally bad for hiking as it retains moisture which encourages chafing, though layering a white cotton t-shirt with a cami top can help keep your shoulders from getting sunburned. Look for clothing made of polyester, nylon, hemp, or silk for the best protection against the sun and opt for woven materials to better avoid insect bites.

Hiking Footwear

Hiking footwear includes shoes, boots, and sandals all built to help your feet safely navigate different terrains. Lightweight and supportive, trail shoes are the best summer hiking shoes while boots offer more arch support, making them ideal for longer hikes.

Give your regular sneakers enough support for outdoor adventures with ¾ insoles and inserts, particularly plantar fasciitis insoles for foot pain. Hiking boots need enough cushioning to stave off aching feet. Air gel ball of foot cushions and air gel heel cups offer custom comfort and consistent weight and shock distribution.

Woman on bench outside placing plantar fasciitis insole in black shoe

Blisters are a common problem with hiking boots, so be sure to wear comfortable socks, use blister patches, and break in your shoes prior to the hike. Uncomfortable shoes can ruin a great hiking day, so bring spot cushions for extra cushion where you need it. Hard trails and rocky terrain? Add an under heel cushion to your shoe to help with stability and heel pain from hard surfaces. 

Woman putting Foot Petals blister patch on back of ankle

Practical Accessories

A summer hiking outfit could not be complete without practical and stylish accessories. Fanny packs are finally trending and come in tons of colors from sage green to minimalist cream. Avoid sun glare with some polarized aviators or bougie oversized sunglasses and wear a baseball cap, bandana, or retro bucket hat for portable shade. 

Light Colors

While black leggings are a staple for many summer hiking outfits, keep in mind dark colors absorb heat, making you feel hotter and sweat more. Avoid overheating by wearing lighter colors like pastels, creams, grays, and even neon hues like lime green or aqua blue. Not only will you stay cool, but you’ll be benefiting your safety by wearing easy-to-spot colors.

8 Cute Hiking Outfits for Summer

Some of the most practical hiking clothes are also comfortable and stylish. With companies like The North Face®, Patagonia®, and L.L. Bean® carrying performance leggings, multifunctional rompers, and athleisure sets, finding cute summer hiking outfits is easier than you think. You’ll love these hiking outfits so much, you’ll want to take a photo of them:

Woman on hiking trail with trekking poles

Leggings, Bra Top & Baseball Cap

Performance leggings have a body-conforming feel that’s smooth, cozy, and breathable. Wear them with a matching bra top and be sure to have your all-weather jacket or hoodie handy in case of rain. Top off this simply chic look with a ball cap and some tinted SPF lip balm.

Joggers and a Crop Top

Stay cool and comfy with a pair of heather gray drawstring joggers and a neutral crop top. If you’re hiking the coast, wear your hair down to show off those salty beach waves or put your hair back in a scrunchie if a messy pony is more your vibe. A bomber jacket also offers a bit of warmth and protection on windy days.

Three-Piece Monochrome Set

Embrace your inner Libra with a monochrome hiking outfit. A three-piece set with leggings, a bra top, and jacket gives you the fitspo look every influencer adores. Not only is it modern and well put-together, but you can layer it as the temperatures change. Maintain this clean, crisp aesthetic with a high ballerina bun and all white tennis shoes.

Cargo Leggings, Puffer Vest & Long Sleeve Tee

Look like a pro with army green cargo leggings, a navy down vest, and a white long sleeve shirt. Complete the look with a sleek pony, sunglasses, and of course your beloved fitness watch. This summer leggings hiking outfit offers a more stylish twist on the classic cargo pant look.

Bike Shorts, Cropped Pullover & Baseball Cap

Tackle those hills like a baddie in a pair of body-hugging bike shorts, hiking boots or sneakers and white mid-calf socks. Dark colored bike shorts are a staple for summer hiking outfits and can be paired with either a cropped pullover and tattered baseball cap or a bra top and oversized sunglass.

Athleisure Bodysuit

As the queen of sporty chic, Aries style brings us the ultimate hiking fit for summer. Athleisure wear is perfect for however you like to be active and comfortable from morning yoga to an afternoon in the Adirondacks. A one-piece romper serves as a complete ensemble while thick socks and hiking shoes balance the look. Stay fierce with black tinted sunglasses and a practical fanny pack.

Track Shorts & Tank Top

Womens hiking shorts or track shorts are a comfortable pick for your summer hiking outfit. They’re available in tons of colors from neutral gray to bright pink and they’re versatile so you can wear them while trail running, too. Find a design with a built-in belt, pockets, or super soft and stretchy waistline and pair it with a loose-fitting tank top.

Jeans Shorts, T-Shirt & Flannel

Flannels weren’t just meant for fall. You can also wear your favorite plaid flannel with light wash jeans shorts and a graphic tee of your choice. Tie your flannel around your waist in perfect 90’s grunge fashion or layer it over your top and twist the bottom into a knot for a trendy cropped look.

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Hike in Style with Foot Petals®

With these practical and cute summer hiking outfits, you might just feel even more motivated to hit the trails. Foot Petals encourages practical fashion that’s cute, functional, and comfortable. Don't let foot pain ruin your hiking plans this summer and bring Foot Petals shoe cushions with you for comfy, stylish, pain-free fun in the great outdoors.

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