Blister Healers in pink packaging, help heal and prevent blisters
Blister Healer: Invisible & flexible, like it's not even there; seals out dirt & bacteria; hydrocolloid film creates the perfect healing environment; comfortable, cushioned relief; stops irritation & prevents new blisters.
Blister Healers
Blister Healers
Blister Healers
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Product Features

  • Blister healers heal and prevent blisters
  • Provides instant relief from pain and pressure
  • Offers 3 pairs of unique shapes to cover common problem areas
  • Clear, discreet, and waterproof
  • Convenient portable case
  • Includes one set of six Blister Healers

    Don't let ugly and painful blisters cramp your style! Foot Petals Blister Healers are a discreet, waterproof bandage that adhere directly to your skin to help prevent blisters and speed up healing of wounds. This innovative design absorbs excess moisture from the skin to create an ideal healing environment, while built-in friction resistance prevents future blisters from forming!

    About the Technology: Hydrocolloid dressing offers a breathable, easy-to-use, and comfortable way to quickly heal irritations. Designed to create the perfect environment for recovery, they're a must for set-it-and-forget-it fixes.

    How to Use

    1. Make sure feet are clean and dry.
    2. Remove Blister Healers bandage from backing paper and center over affected skin.
    3. Press firmly and make sure all the edges are smoothly adhered to your skin for a closed healing environment.

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