Stay Cool in These 7 Summer Work Outfits

flatlay of a floral sundress, sandals, straw hat, sunglasses and earrings

What to Wear to Work in the Summer

Curating comfortable yet professional summer work outfits calls for smart styling techniques like wearing lighter colors, layered separates, and minimalist shoes. When you make Foot Petals® cushions for sandals part of your warm weather wardrobe, you can stay cool and comfy from head to toe.

From business casual suit vests to Summer Friday lounge sets, check out our top seven summer work outfits for sophisticated nine-to-five style.

floral dress with pink purse and white sandals with gel ball of foot cushion

How do you dress professionally in hot weather?

Knowing what’s appropriate to wear versus what leans toward NSFW can make planning your business casual summer work outfits no easy feat. Not only do you have to wear clothes that keep you cool but dressing for days when the A/C is on full blast can be just as tedious.

No one wants their thighs stuck to leather office chairs, sweaty ballet flats, or pit stains on delicate blouses. So, what can you wear when temperatures start to climb?

A few of our favorite summer wardrobe staples are sleeveless tops, lightweight blazers, tailored shorts, and midi-dresses that you can layer all season long. Foot Petals cushions are another summer must-have, using breathable and soft cushioning for a discreet solution to keeping feet cool, dry, and comfy in sandals, slip-on loafers, and more.

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7 Cool & Comfy Women’s Summer Work Outfits

Unless you’re a natural born pro at dressing like a Taurus, Gemini or Cancer, you might need some help figuring out what clothes to wear to work in the summer. Here are some hot weather summer work outfits that feature fits for any dress code:

collage of women wearing summer themed work outfits

Suit Vest + Trousers + Chunky Sandals

A women’s suit vest with wide leg trousers is an iconic look for summer that’s breezy, sophisticated, and perfect for minimalist wardrobes. Consider a two-piece beige set accessorized by abstract gold earrings and mule sandals with a chunky heel. Use our slim gel ball of foot cushions for lasting comfort that keeps feet from sliding forward.

Statement Top + Jeans + Point Toe Mules

Polish up any pair of straight leg jeans with a simple statement top. Great summer tops for women include halter tops, pintuck blouses, and anything with puff sleeves and ruffled edges. For closed-toe summer shoes for work, we recommend point-toe mules with back of heel cushions with extra cushion to reduce slipping, blisters, and ankle chaff.

Struggling to wear pointed toe flats or shoes? Get rid of uncomfortable trouble spots around your toes with spot dot cushions that help reduce unwanted rubbing and friction.

Belted Shirt Dress + Mary Jane Flats

A striped short-sleeve midi dress worn with classic Mary Janes introduces polished yet casual style to your summer work wardrobe. Stay comfy all day long with air gel heel cups in your flats, featuring air pocket technology in a contoured design that delivers custom comfort with every step.

For more ways to style summer work outfits with flats, see our guide on how to wear ballet flats.

Striped Trousers + White Tee + Sneakers

Whether you want to ease into your Monday or stay comfy on casual Friday, nothing beats a white crew neck tee. Turn this basic staple into a professional ensemble with striped trousers, a simple gold necklace, and sleek leather and suede sneakers. If you struggle with foot pain or plantar fasciitis, add this ¾ orthotic insole to your shoes.

Colorful Jumpsuit + Thong Sandals

A summer jumpsuit can be a cozy weekend lounge set or a casual summer work outfit. Opt for a brightly colored sleeveless jumpsuit with either strappy platforms for added height or leather thong sandals. Don’t forget to add ball of foot cushions for sandals to take pressure off your toes in thong style shoes.

Need summer-ready feet before stepping out in a pair of open-toed shoes or sandals? Try these summer foot care tips.

Blazer + Linen Shorts + Loafers

While not all dress codes allow shorts at work, trouser shorts might be an exception. Keep things professional by wearing tailored linen shorts with a lightweight blazer. Underneath, a silky white camisole provides cool comfort, while leather loafers with gel arch support cushions are the perfect fit for this trendy look.

Tired of dealing with thigh chaff when you wear shorts or skirts? Try this anti-friction balm to prevent and relieve chafing thighs or underarms as well as blisters from shoes.

Silk Blouse + Maxi Skirt + Dress Sandals

Bring some feminine style to your workplace with a flowing maxi skirt, silk blouse, and nude dress sandals. Polished, professional, and breezy, this versatile look fits into any capsule wardrobe, too. Want your sandals to be more comfortable and fit better? Try adding ¾ insert cushions in discreet khaki or black.

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Make Foot Petals Your Summer Fashion Staple

Every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident in her clothes, whether she’s spending her summer behind a desk or taking full advantage of the warmer weather. Foot Petals shoe cushions are summertime essentials, providing a soft, breathable, and comfy fit in all your shoes,