6 Comfy, Stylish Ways to Wear Ballet Flats

woman wearing ballet flats outfit and standing outside on sidewalk

How to Wear Ballet Flats for Every Occasion

Gone are the days when a pair of heels were your only “nice” shoes to wear to the office or out on a date. Ballet flats are a comfy, lightweight, and versatile shoe trend that’s here to stay. Everyone can pull them off, but not everyone knows the trick to styling flats comfortably.

Just like high heels can be harsh on your feet, flats also need a boost of cushion and support from inserts like Foot Petals® for flats to look and feel good. Try these tips on what to wear with ballet flats including styling tricks, outfit ideas, and more.

woman wearing pink blazer placing ball of foot cushion into pink ballet flat

How do you make ballet flats look good?

Wearing flats instead of heels or wedges is becoming the norm, and it’s about more than balletcore fashion. In fact, less women are wearing heels. Instead, we’re seeking out more comfortable, casual alternatives from sneakers and slip-ons to the classic ballet flat.

You may have seen runway models and celebrities breaking the rules of fashion by strutting through L.A. or New York in a pair of flat Mary Janes and thick white ankle socks. This begs the question, do ballet flats go with everything?

The favorite of many minimalist wardrobes, ballet flats are sleek, functional, and surprisingly easy to style with most outfits. Keeping your look simple and making sure your shoes fit is the key to making ballet flats look good.

women’s black flats with folded outfit featuring jeans and white shirt

Helpful Tips on How to Style Ballet Flats

When buying ballet flats, first think about how they will fit into your current wardrobe and where you plan to wear them. If you’ll be on your feet all day like at work or a special event, then a 2-in-1 shoe cushion with arch support and shock absorbing gel is a must. Here are our top five tips on how to wear ballet flats the right way:

1. Choose comfy materials. Comfortable ballet flats have structure instead of a sock-like fit. Opt for leather, satin or suede styles with sturdy soles and add a ¾ insert cushion if you want support that lasts all day.
2. Look for the right toe shape.
Pointed toe flats elevate a casual look, but they’re not good for your toes or your pedicure. Round or square toe flats are better especially for wide feet. For tightness or trouble spots, try spot cushions for comfy relief.
3. Dress for your height.
Petite women might struggle to find the right pair of flats. Make your legs look longer by wearing nude ballet flats and choosing designs with thinner ankle straps. Add some strap cushions to reduce rubbing or sliding.
4. Note the hemline.
If you’re wearing jeans or trousers, never let the hemline of your pants cover your ballet flats. For wide leg pants and flared jeans, never let them pool over your shoes. Consider wearing cropped bottoms instead.
5. Think less is more.
A simple shoe on its own, ballet flat outfits do not need a ton of accessories to look dressed up. Stick to your main fit, then choose either embellished flats or sleek, patent leather flats with one or two extra pieces.
black flats with ¾ insert cushions, jeans and purple blouse

Should ballet flats be tight or loose?

Ballet flats should fit snug without being too tight or loose. Problems with ballet flats that don’t fit include your heels slipping in and out, painful ankle chafe, and a lack of arch support. Foot Petals inserts for ballet flats add pain relieving cushioning, so flats feel and fit better.

Style your flats perfectly with:

  • Back of heel cushions: For ballet flats that don’t cause blisters, Foot Petals back of heel cushions line the back of the heel on the shoe, creating a comfortable, snug fit without rubbing. Try our blister preventer balm to say bye-bye to blisters for good.
  • Arch support cushions: Need ballet flats with arch support to avoid tired, aching feet? Our gel arch booster cushions conform to your foot and add instant support to reduce fatigue.
  • Ball of foot cushions: Put some spring in your step and forget about calluses and ball of foot pain with air gel ball of foot cushions, designed to take the stress off your feet.
woman placing back of heel liner into cheetah print flat shoe

6 Ballet Flats Outfit Ideas

Want proof that flats are the best day-to-night shoe for any outfit? Stop your favorite looks from falling flat, and try these outfit ideas featuring ballet flats:

Knit Flats + Straight Leg Jeans

Comfort is queen in a pair of foot-hugging knit flats like the best-selling Rothy’s®. They’re great for anything from your daily errands to casual Fridays at work. Complete the outfit with some straight leg jeans and either a white t-shirt and blazer or a thin turtleneck sweater.

Studded Flats + Leather Jacket

If edgy is more your style, then throw on some leather leggings or ripped jeans and slip into a pair of black studded ballet flats with ankle straps. Your favorite band tee is a must along with a vegan leather jacket to finish off this new concert-going, date night, and rave-loving look.

Trousers + Slingback Flats

When loafers are too sweaty, wear a pair of slingback flats into the office. A great complement to tailored trousers and a light spring sweater, slingback ballet flats for work include closed toe styles with classy accents like gold buckles or even a houndstooth print.

Mary Janes + Pleated Skirt

These days, it seems like shoe designers make anything out of Mary Janes from flat forms to Birkenstock® sandals. Whether your vibe is academia or street style, consider this look: patent leather Mary Janes, a flowing, pleated cream skirt, and a cropped pullover.

White Flats + Cropped Jeans

Swap your white tennis shoes for some white ballet flats. Hone a clean vibe by wearing them with wide leg jeans cropped just at the ankles, a white button up, and abstract silver earrings. With a spritz of shoe protector spray, you can keep your white flats bright and stain-free all season long.

Metallic Flats + Maxi Dress

A floral maxi dress styled with champagne or silver ballet flats make the perfect pair for a summer wedding. Besides, you’ll love not sinking into the grass in a pair of heels during the outdoor ceremony. For accessories, we suggest crystal hoops and a leather clutch.

Choose Foot Petals for Stylish, Comfortable Ballet Flats

Pulling off a pair of flats with any outfit is easier when you feel comfortable in your shoes. Foot Petals cushions and inserts for ballet flats are a discreet solution to getting the most out of your style.

woman placing air gel ball of foot cushion into pink ballet flat

Foot Petals® is not affiliated with Rothy’s®, Birkenstock®, or any other shoe manufacturer. Reference and trademarks used above are examples of flat shoe types and styles that Foot Petals is designed to work with.