Summer Wardrobe Staples

Foot Petals Ball of Foot Cushions - Summer Wardrobe Staples

Summer is coming up fast, which means that the days are about to get much hotter! Having summer staples in your wardrobe will keep you stylish and comfortable in sunny weather. These summer items are everything you need in your closet this summer!

Classic White Button Up

A classic white button-up is a closet staple for any season, but it’s especially important for the summer. Unbuttoned or worn loose, white button-ups can be a breezy solution to beating the summer heat while still looking stylish! Long sleeves offer a little bit of extra sun protection without feeling too stuffy. Your white button-up can even work as a swimsuit coverup!

Simple T-Shirt

Simple t-shirts are perfect for a comfy-casual look – underneath a blazer for work or even to work out in. Neutral colors are best for this summer staple. Choose colors that pair well with the colors you already have in your closet.

Strappy Sandals or Wedges

Strappy, heeled sandals or wedges are a must-have for summertime. For either choice, buy an easy-to-match color and use our Gel Ball of Foot Cushions for Sandals to stay comfortable.

A Go-To Pair of Shorts

Having a pair of go-to shorts is perfect for those hot, muggy days where pants just aren’t an option. Denim shorts are the typical solution for a lot of women, but not everyone finds denim comfortable. Your go-to shorts can be made of anything you want as long as they pair well with your other wardrobe options. Neutral tones are easy to mix-n-match with different styles.

Maxi or Midi Skirt

Great for going to work, staying cool on unbearably hot days, or even to wear to the beach – maxi and midi skirts are a nice, breathable summer staple. These skirts come in many different materials, so make sure to choose a skirt that you’ll be comfortable in. Any color will do, though light and bright colors are always great for summertime when paired with a simple t-shirt!  

Stylish Everyday Sandals

A pair of comfortable, stylish everyday sandals is a must-have for your summer fashion. You’ll want to choose a pair that is pretty simple so that they go with most outfits, but a statement shoe is always an option. To make sure you stay comfortable, you’ll want to add a pair of our best Ball of Foot Cushions or inserts for ball of foot pain so you don’t end up with sore feet.

Summer-Friendly Dress

Dresses with lighter material make going to work or any outdoor occasion much more comfortable, and cute! When choosing your summer dress, go with one that can be dressed down with a pair of sandals or elevated with a pair of heels. This will give you flexibility with your pieces so they can go across multiple occasions.

Your wardrobe won’t be complete without these summer staple items! Add pops of color and neutrals to keep things balanced and provide mix-n-match items.