Our Best Christmas Gifts for Women Under $20

Collage of Foot Petals shoe cushions

Foot Petals® Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Every woman loves a cozy Christmas gift and clothing, accessories, and shoes are often on the top of most wish lists. Foot Petals shoe cushions are practical and comfortable gifts that every woman in your life could use. Plus, you can get free shipping on all orders over $19.99.

From affordable and stylish stocking stuffers to the perfect gift for any fashionista and friend, here are our best Christmas gifts for her for less than $20:

The Athlete

Foot Petals shoe deodorizers inside a gift box

Whether she’s a sneakerhead or a runner by heart, Foot Petals cushions for sneakers and shoe deodorizers are smart gifts for women athletes and shoe lovers.

The reusable air gel heel cups absorb shock and provide better heel stability with a contoured fit for custom comfort as she moves. Our deodorizers come in two colorful 6-packs and work great in shoes, gym lockers, bags, and drawers. Just twist to activate, drop one in, and get up to 3 months of fresh scent.


The Fashionista

khaki Foot Petals ball of foot cushions in sparkly pink heels

For the trend setter you know and love who wears heels all day everyday, we have the best gifts for fashionistas. Foot Petals shoe cushions were made for her to wear any shoe she wants from trendy flats and kitten heels to 5-inch stilettos and thigh-high leather boots.

Ball of foot cushions for heels keep her feet from sliding forward, reducing pain and pressure with shock absorbing cushion. They’re a must-have for girlies who love heels. Support her love for fashion even more with anti-friction blister preventer balm, which reduces rubbing and prevents irritation from shoes and clothes.

P.S. You can get both ball of foot cushions and a blister prevention balm together for under $20!

The Minimalist

Suede ankle booties and Foot Petals shoe protector sprays

Shopping gifts for the minimalist friend can be tough. She wants nothing, because she has everything she needs, right? Almost! Help her keep her minimalist wardrobe practical and stylish with Foot Petals shoe protection sprays including our suede and leather shoe spray.

For under $20, she can protect her white sneakers, suede booties, and leather purses from water, dirt and stains.

She Who Travels

Foot Petals blister preventer and blister patches in suitcase

She who wanders needs an on-the-go fix for shoe troubles with this travel gift for women. The Foot Petals shoe emergency kit fixes common shoe problems that pop up when she’s out and about.

This small kit fits inside a carry-on, hiking pack, or purse and solves issues like blisters, ankle chafing, calluses, uncomfortable straps, and more.

Mother to Be

Woman placing Foot Petals orthotic insole in brown ankle boot

The best Christmas gifts for pregnant women help make the mom-to-be feel more comfortable and supported. Expecting mothers often have foot pain and swelling in their feet which can make many shoes uncomfortable.

A pair of comfortable pregnancy shoes with arch support can go a long way, especially when you add some extra cushion with arch support cushions or our ¾ insert with extra cushion. For a little over $20, our plantar fasciitis insoles have orthotic arch support and premium cushioning to relieve foot pain and improve stability.

Bride to Be

blue ball of foot cushions in white wedding heels

Burning ball of foot pain, uncomfortable shoes, and calluses can prevent a bride from feeling her best on her big day. Support her walk down the aisle with Foot Petals heart ball of foot cushions available in bridal shower pink and soft “I Do” blue for the wedding day.

Pro tip: They also make fantastic gifts for bridesmaids.


The Professional

black cushioned shoe inserts in women's black flats

Every businesswoman knows that the right shoes can make everything different. Practical gifts are a thoughtful way to support her achievements and dreams. Our cushions are great for work shoes and heels whether she’s wearing her court pumps or business casual mules.

Foot Petals ¾ inserts feature premium cushioning that takes stress off her feet and adds discreet comfort to heels, flats, sandals, and boots. Our must-have back of heel cushions reduce painful rubbing at the ankle and help improve the fit of her shoes so she can feel more confident.

And Of Course, You!

Foot Petals shoe cushions and shoe sprays around a white Christmas stocking

The holidays are a time to treat yourself, too. Check out our favorites and get yourself a little boost of comfort and style. Cozy up your winter booties with cushions for boots or give your wedges more traction with no-slip grips so you can wear your best shoes even in slippery weather.

Still not sure what’s the best Christmas present for the shoe lover in your life? Take our product quiz to find the best gifts for the women on your list including yourself!

What Makes Foot Petals the Best Gifts for Her

Foot Petals cushions, inserts, and shoe care products are gifts for shoe lovers that keep on giving. The discreet design and lasting comfort of each shoe cushion puts more confidence in her step so she can wear all her favorite shoes, heels and boots this holiday season. Give the gift of comfort to the important women in your life this Christmas including you.