Shoe Emergency Kit
Shoe Emergency Kit
Shoe Emergency Kit
Shoe Emergency Kit
Shoe Emergency Kit

Shoe Emergency Kit

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Product Features

Shoe Cushioning

  • Ball of foot cushions keep feet from sliding forward, reducing burning pain and preventing calluses; Eliminate ugly overhang and toe scrunch; Help you walk with perfect posture for overall back and leg relief
  • Back of heel cushions keep heels from slipping in and out of shoes, giving shoes the perfect fit by helping with sizing and fit issues; Reduce blisters and ankle chaff
  • Slim designs offer comfort while remaining discreet
  • Premium foam cushioning provides superior shock absorption that reduces stress while being lightweight and breathable, keeping your feet cool, dry, and comfortable
  • Adhesive backing for lasting placement, not recommended to remove and reuse

Blister Relief & Prevention

  • Blister preventer forms invisible barrier to reduce rubbing and irritation
  • Blister healers provide instant pain relief and help heal existing blisters

Kit Contents

  • Includes one pair Ball of Foot Cushions (black), one pair Back of Heel Cushions (black), one Blister Preventer Anti-Friction Balm, and one set of six Blister Healers

    Don't let something small ruin your favorite shoes! Ball of foot cushions keep your feet from sliding forward and reduce discomfort, while back of heel cushions ensure a better fit for your favorite styles. And with a combo of our innovative blister healer bandages and blister preventer balm, you'll never have to worry about painful rubbing again!

    About the Technology:

    • Premium foam provides superior shock absorption that never goes flat. This lightweight, breathable material keeps your feet cool, dry, and comfortable with every step.
    • Hydrocolloid dressing offers a breathable, easy-to-use, and comfortable way to quickly heal irritations. Designed to create the perfect environment for recovery, they're a must for set-it-and-forget-it fixes.



    Foot Petals are vital for my kit bag as they give my clients such relief on long set days and performances. They really are a life saver in these situations :)

    Avigail Collins
    Celebrity Stylist

    Making people feel their best is my job and number one priority. That includes comfort and safety. I don't have a client that hits the stage, red carpet or any event without Foot Petals on their feet.

    Tiffany Gifford
    Celebrity Stylist

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