Holiday Outfit Bucket List

Friends enjoying the holiday season

Holiday Outfit Guide to Stay Comfy & Cute This Holiday Season

This holiday season, you’ll be the best dressed at every party. From staples to statements, your wardrobe will be the best it’s ever been. This holiday outfit guide has everything you need for a comfy, cute holiday season!

Neutral Sweater

A neutral-colored knit sweater is the key to completing almost any outfit in the colder months. While the style and color are up to you, make sure to choose an option that you find comfortable and flattering so that it has high re-wear potential!

A Go-To Holiday Occasion Dress

From work events to dinners with friends, you need a dress that you can throw on without having to think too much about your outfit. Little black dresses are always a great staple. Or branch out a little from your typical style and try a midi sweater dress, something with a fun pattern, or even a jumpsuit.

Women Wearing Cute and Comfortable Holiday Outfits

Matching Outfits

Whether you are matching a coworker, partner, minis or your long-time BFF – a matching outfit is a holiday must have! This can be done when attending a holiday party, or just going out for a day full of festivities and shopping. Either way there will be some cute, maybe some goofy, pictures to remember the occasion.

A Statement Pair of Shoes

Are you looking for a way to make your outfits less boring? A statement pair of shoes is the perfect solution. A beautiful pair of red heels will always make a statement, as will a pair of tall boots. Boots are a great option because they are comfortable to wear and will keep you warm all season long. Heels are great for their versatility. As long as they aren’t too holiday-themed, you can switch them over to your summer wardrobe without difficulty!

Cushions for Women’s Shoes

An absolute essential on this holiday outfit guide are cushions for women’s shoes. Ball of foot cushions are great for getting rid of that burning pain and preventing your feet from sliding forward in shoes. They’re a must-have when you’ll be attending holiday events or spending time on your feet. With our ball of foot cushions and blister preventer to help preventer blisters and friction, any pair of shoes will become comfortable to wear, no matter how high the heel is!


While tights may seem like an obvious choice for any fashion-lover’s winter wardrobe, a sturdy, high-end pair of tights is a must. Tights are perfect for making any outfit warmer. Having a pair that won’t rip easily and can go with anything is an important addition to your holiday outfit bucket list.

Black Jeans

An easy way to create a simple, stylish outfit is to throw on a sweater or blouse and a pair of black jeans. Black jeans are a closet staple and can create outfits ranging from chic and casual to stylish and upscale.

An Oversized Blazer

Blazers are great year-round to dress up an outfit or make it more modest. For the holiday season, an oversized blazer is a great new item to introduce to your wardrobe. Oversized blazers can be a stylish option to wear in place of a coat and can elevate nearly any outfit.

Use Our Holiday Outfit Bucket List This Season

Our holiday outfit guide will make sure you look stylish and chic during the upcoming season. Along with our shoe cushions and essentials, you’ll be the star of every occasion with these holiday outfit bucket list essentials.