A Guide to Shopping Black Friday Shoe Sales 2023

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Shopping for Shoes on Black Friday? How to Get the Best Deals

Every shoe lovers favorite time of the year is here! On Black Friday, women’s shoes go on major sales, giving us a chance to save on luxury pairs and more. You can also stock up on accessories like Foot Petals® shoe cushions, shoe care, and no show socks.

Are you looking for the best savings and deals on shoes for Black Friday 2023? Keep reading for our expert tips on how to shop and what shoes to buy in the season of holiday savings.

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Do shoes get discounted on Black Friday?

Everyone knows shoes are cuter when you get them for an amazing deal. Shoe retailers offer as much as 25 to 70 percent off select styles and brands with even bigger deals on retailer only brands.

Black Friday shoe sales are one of the most savings-packed sales of the year for retailers and brands like DSW®, Nordstrom, Macy’s, adidas®, Nike®, Ugg®, and many more. Amazon.com® often has major shoe discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, too.

What Shoes to Buy on Black Friday 2023

Black Friday is a great time to replace shoes that are worn out as well as save on some of the hottest trends for the current season and upcoming spring shoe trends. Shop smart by making a wishlist that includes all the pairs you want or need.

Of course, you’ll have to break those new shoes in especially if you order online without trying them on first. Foot Petals shoe cushions are easy and affordable fixes for all your common shoe problems from blisters to slippery straps and arch pain. With Foot Petals, you can break in shoes without pain, wear all your favorite new styles, and make them last longer.

Here are our top recommendations for the best shoes to buy on Black Friday 2023:

  • Running shoes – Need to replace your old running shoes or want to prep for your New Year’s fitness goals? Shoe retailers everywhere have discounts on sneakers for athletic and casual wear. Don’t let the weather ruin your new kicks. Keep white sneakers clean with a waterproof shoe spray and maintain that fresh, out-of-the-box smell with sneaker deodorizers.
  • Office dress shoes – Slip-ons, mules, flats, or clogs, Black Friday deals on dress shoes for work will make your post-Thanksgiving return to the office a true fashion show. Let off some of that holiday stress on your feet with an air gel heel cup or ball of foot cushion that absorbs shock and provides lasting comfort for long shifts.
  • Statement heels – Luxury shoe brands that usually cost a fortune offer Black Friday discounts on select styles. This is the perfect time to complete your holiday outfit bucket list with high fashion statement heels. Stretch out your investment with discreet shoe cushions for heels that make your stilettos or pumps more comfortable without ruining their look.
  • Winter boots or booties – Prep for winter weather with a new pair of functional yet fashionable winter boots. From leather riding boots to Chelsea boots and even suede ankle booties, Foot Petals shoe protection spray keeps leather and suede boots clean, making them last longer by protecting them from dirt, water, and stains.
  • Spring sandals – Going on vacation to somewhere warm this holiday? Not only can you find deals on the best vacation shoes, but you can shop discounts on next season’s hottest trends. Be ready to transition to your flip flops or sandals with ball of foot cushions for sandals that eliminate ball of foot pain and ugly overhang or toe scrunch.

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How to Get the Best Black Friday Shoe Deals

The best way to shop smart on Black Friday is to know ahead of time what you’re going to buy and where you plan to shop. You also want to ensure you’re getting the best deals, as some retailers might not be marking down each pair as much as it seems. Foot Petals has the best tips on shopping shoes this Black Friday so you won’t miss out:

  • Make a Wishlist – Having a list of the shoes you want to buy and who sells them gives you a foolproof way of keeping track of deals and getting what you want. Consider prioritizing your list with the pair(s) you want most at the very top.
  • Set a Budget – Along with your wishlist, have a limit in mind for how much shoe or how many shoes you can actually afford. Track your spending with a spreadsheet if you like and check off your wishlist items as you buy them.
  • Compare Prices – Not all deals are good deals on Black Friday. The discounts you see might not be the cheapest price everywhere. According to the BBC, some retailers even hike their prices up right before Black Friday to make items appear discounted. Look online to see what the shoe’s price was a month ago to verify whether the sale is legitimate.
  • Know Your Retailers – Department stores like Kohls®, Macy’s, and Target are notorious for Black Friday sales events. Browse these retailers for the most popular deals and be sure to look at local ads.
  • Look to Social Media – Many of your favorite influencers partner with brands you like. During the holidays, these influencers might have exclusive info on deals or promo codes for their partnered brands.
  • Become a Member – Most retailers have free loyalty programs you can sign up for and receive emails about sales, exclusive coupons, and promo codes. Some stores might give you personalized coupons based on past purchases. You can also download a store’s app for better access to online-only sales.
  • Verify Return Policies – Nothing stings our shoe-loving hearts more than buyer’s remorse. Always check the return policies at each where you plan to shop to ensure you get a full refund or store credit for the pairs you might not have liked.
  • Be On Time – Even when you shop online, you have to be on time to avoid missing out on Black Friday sales. Thankfully, you can set up notifications for lightning deals on shoes. For in-store shoppers, check to see if your local retailers have changed or extended hours for Black Friday.

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When will Black Friday deals start?

Traditionally, Black Friday always started the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday. For 2023, this is Friday, November 24th. Now, Black Friday deals start earlier every year so you can take advantage of discounts well before the actual holiday.

Many retailers have already rolled out their early Black Friday deals and offer discounts throughout the month of November. Some of the biggest Black Friday shoe deals are the weekend of Black Friday up to Cyber Monday and beyond.

Is it better to shop online vs in stores?

Black Friday isn’t just for waiting in line until midnight, camping out in parking lots, and then crowding the stores. Many retailers offer Black Friday sales on shoes before their Cyber Monday campaigns begin.

According to Drive Research, about 69% of people chose to shop online for Black Friday deals in 2022 while 32% planned to shop in-person. Shopping for shoes online can get you major deals when using promo codes and online exclusives, although shopping in store also has advantages.

Don’t like waiting for super cute shoes to arrive at your doorstep? Neither do we. Consider selecting curbside or in-store pickup or see if the retailer has same-day shipping.

Get a Better Deal with Foot Petals

Make the most of your Black Friday shoe haul with Foot Petals shoe cushions and essentials. Our cushions and inserts for heels, boots, sneakers, and more take care of the common aches and pains associated with buying new shoes. Plus, they help make your shoes last longer, extending your investment. Make your shoe dreams come true this holiday shopping season with Foot Petals.


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