blister preventer anti-friction balm
anti-friction balm

Blister Preventer Anti-Friction Balm

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Product Features

  • Blister preventer anti-friction balm forms an invisible barrier that works on any part of the body or shoe to help reduce rubbing, preventing blisters and irritation
  • Helps to prevent and give relief to chafing of thighs or underarms
  • Great for breaking in new shoes
  • Portable, easy to use, no mess application
  • Ingredients: Hydrogenated vegetable oil, beeswax, fragrance
  • Includes one Blister Preventer Anti-Friction Balm

      Break in those new shoes with ease thanks to this no-mess anti-friction balm! Its protective barrier is great for relief from itchy fabrics (like sequins) as well.

      How to Use 

      • Apply generously to foot anywhere irritation occurs. Reapply as needed.



      Foot Petals are vital for my kit bag as they give my clients such relief on long set days and performances. They really are a life saver in these situations :)

      Avigail Collins
      Celebrity Stylist

      Making people feel their best is my job and number one priority. That includes comfort and safety. I don't have a client that hits the stage, red carpet or any event without Foot Petals on their feet.

      Tiffany Gifford
      Celebrity Stylist

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