Your Guide to Wearing Platform Heels

woman wearing pink platform heels while seated on a pink background

How to Style Platform Heels Comfortably

When you see a pair of platform heels, are your first thoughts, “I can't wait to wear these shoes,” or are they more like, “How could someone ever possibly walk in these?”

According to current shoe trends, the once dubbed “party shoes” can now be worn just about anywhere with anything. While everyone loves a high-style, low-effort look, the real effort is figuring out what to wear with platform shoes and what you can do to make platform heels comfortable.

Foot Petals® shoe cushions for high heels make platform heels so comfy, you’ll want to plan all your outfits around these sky-high shoes. With our tips on how to wear platform heels, you’ll be *almost* as pro at pulling them off as Ariana Grande.

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What are platform heels?

Platform heels are high heels with a thick outsole underneath the ball of the foot that spans the bottom of the shoe, creating an illusion of extreme height from the heel.

A 5-inch stiletto, for example, has a 5-inch lift under the heel whereas a 5-inch platform has 2 inches of sole under the forefoot, making the heel only 3 inches high. The platform style lifts the entire foot rather than just the heel, making you appear taller without adding stress to your arch.

woman wearing black sparkly tights and pink platform heels

Types of Platform Heels for Women

Platforms have a place in every woman’s shoe collection. Whether you’re looking for a chunky black ankle boot for your minimalist wardrobe or the perfect pair of espadrille wedges for spring break, platform heels come in all styles including:

  • Platform pumps
  • Mary Jane platforms
  • Platform boots
  • Slip-on platforms
  • Platform sandals
  • Platform loafers

Love the height platform shoes bring, but want something a little easier on your feet? Flatforms are the platform alternative. They have a chunky sole, but take the shape of casual shoes like sneakers, ballet flats, and slides.

Are platform heels comfortable?

Platform heels can be more comfortable than wearing regular heels because their broader base and height distribution reduces strain on the arch, giving them a more stable feel. However, platform heels can still be uncomfortable when you have problems like:

To make platform heels comfy and fit better, Foot Petals shoe cushions add comfort where you need it most from ankle strap cushions to 3/4 insoles that are so slim and discrete you might not even know they’re there.

woman seated on a bench placing a ¾ insole cushion into a black platform heel

Relieve ball of foot pain with metatarsal pads for heels that also prevent sliding and eliminate ugly toe overhang. Back of heel cushions help stop your heels from slipping out of your shoes, while blister preventer balm is the best way to break in platform heels with ease. Make any pair the most comfortable platform heels you own with Foot Petals.

How do you walk in platform heels?

The first step in learning how to walk in heels is to make sure you have the right size. Shoes that are too big will strain your arch each time you take a step while shoes that are small put painful pressure on your feet. Foot Petals high heel cushions can help correct minor fit issues, making it easier to walk in heels.

To master the art of walking in platform heels, try these quick tips:

  • Walk heel-to-toe: Platform height can be overwhelming, but it’s mostly an illusion. Walk by placing your heel down first, followed by your toe without rolling forward. A few laps down the hallway and back, and you’ll be fine.
  • Take small steps: Wearing heels shortens your stride, so taking smaller steps will keep you balanced and look more natural.
  • Lean back a little: Even runway models lean back slightly at the hips when walking in heels as it helps slow your pace and correct balance for a more stable, even gait.
woman placing back of heel cushion into platform heel (left) and an image of a woman walking in heels (right)

What to Wear with Platform Heels

Every woman looks glamorous in a platform heels outfit whether she’s wearing a sparkly cocktail dress or cropped jeans with a sweatshirt. No longer reserved for party dresses alone, platform sandals and heels elevate casual clothing items, turning simple into chic.

Here are some of the best clothes to wear when putting together outfits with platform heels:

outfit with platform heels, jeans, white sweater, sunglasses, gloves and earrings

Cropped or Baggy Jeans

If you’re going to wear anything with platform heels, let it be jeans. They’re comfy and casual with endless ways to style including cropped blue jeans with a flowy blouse and nude sandals, or baggy jeans with a halter top and chunky platforms. Pair your favorite sweater with skinny jeans and black platform ankle boots.

Miniskirts & Shorts

Great for balmy summer days, wearing platform heels with short bottoms has a dramatic, leg-lengthening effect. Show off your tan with high waist shorts, an open-back top, and strappy sandals, or swap the shorts for a miniskirt with square-toe platform heels and a matching handbag.

Silk Skirts & Casual Dresses

Platform heels with dresses can have a powerful feminine vibe. You can layer a white t-shirt with a plaid dress and platform pumps, or wear a floral midi dress with platform sandals in the same base color. Create an elegant fit with a silk skirt, oversized sweater, chunky platforms, and a claw clip up-do.

Tailored Trousers & Tees

When you need a cute outfit for the office, platform loafers, heels, and boots pair well with classic pieces like trousers, blazers, and pencil skirts. Look cozy and professional in a pair of platform mules, khaki trousers, a white t-shirt, and a blazer. For a bold look, try flared trousers with an oversized jacket, white ribbed tank, and black platform boots.

Make Platform Heels Comfy with Foot Petals

Wearing the hottest and sometimes most extreme shoe trends is easy when you have Foot Petals shoe cushions to back up your style. Feel confident walking in the highest of heels with shoe inserts that make platform heels comfortable to wear all day and night long.