How to Waterproof Shoes for Spring

close-up of woman spraying suede boot with Foot Petals shoe protector spray

Protect Your Spring Shoes with Foot Petals®

The spring fashion season is here! Before you step out in those suede booties, white sneakers, or satin ballet flats, it is crucial you protect them from the inevitable water damage and stains that come with spring weather.

Not every spray that protects shoes is made the same. Only the best shoe protector sprays have a gentle enough formula to safeguard your shoes without damaging the material underneath.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to waterproof your shoes using Foot Petals shoe protector sprays for suede, leather, and canvas.

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Step-By-Step: How to Waterproof Shoes for Spring

Spring weather can be unpredictable. Once your beloved spring shoes are stained by water, road salt, or mud, it can be hard to get them back to their original state. Prevention is the best way to deal with water damage and stains whether you’re prepping for spring or cleaning your winter boots.

While most synthetic fabrics do okay against the elements, natural materials like leather, suede, and canvas need a little TLC when the seasons change. A good shoe water and stain repellent spray can be used on shoes, purses, bags. and other accessories made of:

Most shoe protective sprays are not completely waterproof. Usually, they qualify as water and stain resistant, which should be enough to keep your shoes clean, dry, and protected for everyday wear.

Here are 4 easy steps to safeguarding all your favorite shoes and accessories using the best shoe spray for suede shoes, leather boots and canvas sneakers:

1. Clean the Shoes

Shoes must be clean, dry, and free of dirt and debris before application. If you are spraying a new pair of shoes fresh out of the box, give them a quick once over.

Wipe leather shoes with a damp cloth, brush suede shoes with a suede brush, and clean canvas shoes with a toothbrush and baking soda paste. Once clean, allow the shoes to dry completely.

woman cleaning leather yellow flats with blue cloth

2. Double Check the Material

Always check for color fastness before applying. Ensure you have the right spray, too, such as a suede shoe spray for suede shoes and a leather shoe protector spray for leather shoes.

Use the spray on a small test patch in an inconspicuous area, like the tongue or heel. Note that quality sprays may darken the exterior material once applied, but this should dry and return to the original color once dry.

Some shoes have appliques or accents, as well, that may or may need treated. Generally, you can spray faux fur or sweater material, but avoid treating details like sequins, rhinestones, or ribbons.

woman holding beige suede dress shoes

3. Use Shoe Protector Spray

Now that you’re ready to use your shoe protection spray, uncap and hold the container 6 inches from the shoe’s surface. To get an even application, spray briskly in a back-and-forth motion.

While you do not want to oversaturate the material, finish applying the spray completely, including all seams. One protective layer should be enough.

Foot Petals canvas, leather and suede shoe protector sprays help extend the life and look of your shoes without changing the way they feel, leaving them soft, supple, and bright. Use Foot Petals shoe sprays on purses, bags, and more using the same instructions.

woman spraying shoe protector spray on leather boot

4. Give it a Day

After application, allow your shoes to dry for at least 24 hours before wearing them outdoors. This guarantees an impermeable layer that keeps elements on the surface so they can be easily wiped away.

We recommend leaving your shoes somewhere safe to dry whether that’s a shoe rack, your closet, or on top of a shelf away from dust, pet fur, and heavy traffic areas.

orange shoe deodorizer balls inside white sneakers

Pro Tip: Add Foot Petals shoe deodorizers to your sneakers, boots, or flats to keep them looking and smelling like new. All you have to do is twist to open and toss one deodorizer ball into each shoe. They’re great for gym bags, lockers, and drawers, too!

FAQs about Shoe Protector Sprays

Never used a shoe protector spray before, or not sure when to reapply? Here are a few frequently asked questions about shoe protectant sprays and how to use them.

Do shoe protector sprays work?

Other waterproofing methods like creams and shoe waxes provide decent protection for leather and canvas shoes. The benefit of using shoe protector sprays is that they work just as well and they’re quick, versatile, and easy to apply.

The formula either absorbs into the material or creates an invisible and impermeable later. While no method makes shoes completely waterproof, sprays safeguard for daily wear.

How long does shoe protector spray last?

Shoe protective sprays do wear off over time, which is ideal. This helps preserve the material underneath and keep it breathable. Depending on the material and how often you wear the shoes, shoe protector spray can last up to three months.

We recommend reapplying the spray at the beginning of each season or any time you clean your shoes. If you notice dirt or debris getting harder to wipe away, clean the shoes properly then reapply once dry.

What is the best shoe protector to keep shoes white?

Nothing is worse than a brand-new pair of white canvas sneakers with stains. The best shoe protector for keeping shoes white is Foot Petals shoe stain and water repellent spray.

Our canvas shoe spray is specially formulated to provide an impermeable layer of protection for white sneakers and more. For tips on cleaning white shoes of all materials, see our guide on how to clean white shoes.

woman spraying suede boot with Foot Petals shoe protector spray

Foot Petals: The Best Shoe Protector Spray for Spring

Getting your shoes ready for spring showers helps them stay comfortable, stylish, and looking new. From suede sandals to leather pumps and canvas slip-ons, Foot Petals shoe protector sprays provide instant protection for all season wear. Have the shoes you want and wear them, too, with Foot Petals.