How to Fix Shoes that Give You Blisters

woman wearing flats and applying anti-blister balm on back of heel

Prevent and Heal Blisters with Foot Petals®

Are you dealing with painful blisters from new shoes you bought just last month? We’ve all been there. You finally have a reason to wear those adorable heels only to be left with burning heel pain and blisters just two hours into wearing them.

Whether you forgot to break your shoes in or just didn’t have time, Foot Petals blister solutions help heal blisters fast and prevent them so you can wear any shoe you want anytime.

woman placing hydrocolloid blister bandage on back of heel

What causes blisters on feet?

Blisters on your feet usually happen when your shoes don’t fit. Shoes causing blisters on the back of the heel or the sides of your toes can be too loose or too tight.

The resulting pressure and friction from continuous rubbing irritates the skin on your heels and toes, causing painful red sores. To cushion and protect the damaged skin so it has a better chance of healing, your body creates fluid-filled pockets called blisters.

Blisters on heels, toes and other areas of the feet can make it hard to walk, exercise, stand or even wear shoes. Other factors that can cause blisters on your feet include:

  • Sweat or moisture buildup
  • Wearing thin, non-absorbent socks or going sockless
  • Wearing the wrong shoes for the activity
  • Standing or walking for long periods of time
  • Getting sunburn on the tops of your feet

How to Get Rid of Blisters with Foot Petals Blister Solutions

You should always avoid picking at your blisters, since open are more likely to get infected. Most foot blisters heal after a few days, but waiting for the pain to go away is easier said than done.

Whether you are on vacation, going to an event, or trying to hit your best mile time, heal and prevent blisters from ruining your plans with Foot Petals blister relief and prevention.

Step One: Treat Blisters with Blister Healers

Cover and heal your blisters fast with Foot Petals blister healers. These super discreet hydrocolloid blister bandages stick to your skin to seal out dirt and bacteria, relieve pain and pressure, and create the perfect healing environment.

Foot Petals hydrocolloid blister patches are breathable, clear, and waterproof. They help keep the wound clean and absorb fluids slowly while stopping irritation to keep new blisters from forming. Our blister healers come in unique shapes to use on your heels, toes and more.

woman placing hydrocolloid blister bandage on side of toe

Step Two: Prevent Blisters with Blister Balm

With all the DIY shoe hacks for stopping blisters, the best answer for how to prevent blisters on heels is using Foot Petals blister preventer balm. Applies easily with zero mess, this anti-friction balm forms an invisible barrier between skin and shoes to reduce rubbing and prevent blisters.

Perfect for breaking in new shoes and more, you can use Foot Petals anti-blister balm for all your fashion needs like stopping thigh or underarm chafe and itchy fabrics. Leave Foot Petals blister balm in your purse, bag, or car for convenient on-the-go blister prevention.

woman applying blister balm stick to heel in high heels

Step Three: Fix Your Fit with Shoe Cushions

For feet that rub along specific areas of a shoe, Foot Petals shoe cushions, inserts and liners can help prevent blisters and even make your shoes fit better. They come in colors like beige, black and clear gel to blend in with your shoes for discreet comfort and style.

Here are our best products for preventing blisters on heels from shoes and more:

  • Back of Heel Cushions: Avoid blisters from heels, flats, and tennis shoes with our back of heel cushions. They line the back of your shoe for cushioned comfort that reduces rubbing, slipping and ankle chafe while improving your fit.
  • Spot Cushions: Great for fixing all your trouble spots, spot cushions can be used anywhere in your shoe for a little extra comfort and less irritation. Place them wherever you feel pressure on your toes, heels, tops of your feet, and more.
  • Shoe Emergency Kit: Never let blisters slow you down again. Our shoe emergency kit has everything you need to prevent blisters, get rid of foot pain, and make any shoe fit better with comfy gel cushions and anti-blister balm.
woman holding black flat shoe with cushion lining the back of the shoe

Shoes that Cause Blisters

Wearing any shoe that does not fit or lacks cushioning can cause irritation. Inserts like Foot Petals shoe cushions for all women’s shoes add extra cushion and improve your fit to reduce pressure and prevent rubbing.

Some of the most common shoes for women that may lead to blisters are:

  • High heels: Tight or pointed toe boxes in pumps, wedges and heels put pressure on the forefoot, causing blisters on toes.
  • Flats: Too much or too little space between the back of your ballet flats and your ankle results in chaffing and heel blisters.
  • Slip-ons and slides: Wearing slip-on shoes often leads to irritation or blisters when you don’t wear socks or spend too long walking in them without sufficient support.
  • Sandals: Straps from sandals, slingbacks and thong flip-flops rub against your skin, which can create blisters between your toes or along the back of your ankle.
  • Running shoes: A poor fit, lack of cushioning, and sweat buildup are some factors that can cause blisters in running shoes.
  • Hiking boots: Long treks through rugged terrain and moisture from sweat or water put strain on your feet, resulting in irritation or blisters in your boots.

Say Bye-Bye to Blisters with Foot Petals

Painful blisters on your feet make it hard to wear the shoes you love and do normal activities. With Foot Petals blister bandages, anti-blister balm, shoe cushions, and more, you can heal and treat blisters on heels and toes while wearing your shoes longer.


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