Prevent Pump Bumps

Issue: How Do I Prevent "Pump Bumps"?

Solution: "Pump Bumps", or Haglund's Deformity, are tender spots caused by constant pressure from a shoe cutting into the foot. They are usually found on the  back of the heel, on or around the Achilles tendon, or on the top of the foot behind the toes, where the edge of your pump hits the foot. 

To prevent Pump Bumps, make sure the top line of the shoe isn't pressing against the heel tendon. Avoid buying shoes that feel tight in these areas by using these 2 simple fit rules. 

Rule #1 - You should be able to slip your pinky between the shoe and your foot at the back of the heel when you are sitting.

Rule #2 - You should also be able to slip your pinky in between your foot and the top of the shoe, just behind the toes.

If you cannot do these two things, then your new shoes will eventually cause too much pressure that could hurt, cut off circulation and possibly lead to blisters! At the end of the day when we feel so happy to kick off our shoes - that is because circulation was cut off. You should never feel that way!

What to do if you already have Pump Bumps? Eliminate the cause by applying Foot Petals 3/4 insert cushions into your shoes to raise or lift the heel and irritated areas higher and away from the back of the shoe. Also, try applying back of heel cushions or strap cushions to ensure that the shoe fits snugly but stays on the foot and does not cut into tender areas. Our back of heel cushions are 4" long by 1" wide. The design is skived (meaning the cushion is thicker in the middle and gradually becomes thinner just around the edges). This skiving makes the transition from the shoe to your heel unnoticeable. Thicker, unskived cushions are not effective in treating Pump Bumps and can actually increase discomfort due to their bulkiness.

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