What Types of Necklaces Complement Different Types of Shirts

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How you put yourself before the world tells a lot about your personality. Being up to date about your clothing and wardrobe can enhance self-esteem and attract like-minded people. One of the key outfit-enhancers are necklaces. Let’s look at some necklaces and help with choosing the right necklace for your shirts.

Our primary focus in this piece of writing is which necklaces go with what kind of shirts. There are various styles of shirts and as many as those kinds of necklaces. But to combine the two in such a way that it looks elegant is the goal. Here are some tips for getting the best shirt and necklace combination.

Collared Shirts

It is common for certain work environments to require a collared shirt, and a variety of necklaces can go with them. Short, layered necklaces look nice if one desires to keep the top buttons open. But if buttoning up the shirt is your choice, bib necklaces are preferable. If you are wearing a collared shirt in a no-work environment, heavy Asian neck pieces can give a fusion look that is trendy at parties these days. Or, if you want to keep it minimal, only a short-length thin chain with a petite charm that mirrors your personality can do the job.

V-neck Shirts

If we come to casual wear, V-neck shirts or dresses are very trendy. With this type of neckline, one can pair up pearl necklaces, or depending upon the color of the outfit; one can match bright-colored beaded necklaces. V-necks are typically deeper than other necklines, so there is space for layering. Two or three layers of the bead necklaces are also an option. Big statement neck pieces or bohemian necklaces are a great choice with plain silk V-neck shirts and they add character to the attire.

Crew Tops

The next common shirt type are crew tops. One option for crew tops can be heavy choker necklaces with big stones. A wide variety of such necklaces can be paired with any crew top. Other than chokers, statement necklaces also go well with this shirt. One can go big and bold with them to make them look more vibrant. Long pendant necklaces with plain crew tops are an excellent choice to keep the look minimal.

Accessorizing is one of the best parts of getting dressed in the morning. It's a chance to show off your personal style and make an outfit your own.