Tips to Organize Your Miscellaneous Closet Items

Foot Petals Blog: Tips to Organize Your Miscellaneous Closet Items

Belts, scarves, jewelry, purses, wallets, hats… do you ever struggle to keep these items organized? You’re not alone! Those random closet items can be hard to keep track of. They don’t hang in neat rows, like clothing does. It’s all too easy to end up with a pile of accessories that you have to dig through to find what you’re looking for.

Here are the best organizational tips we’ve found to help tame the mess and organize your miscellaneous closet items.

Step 1: Clean everything out

First, get all the accessory items out of your closet. Lay them out on the floor or bed so you can see everything that you have. (While everything is out, you can dust, vacuum, and clean the closet so you can start fresh!)

Step 2: Figure out what you want to keep

Decluttering will make the whole organization process easier. If there are any accessories you don’t use anymore, set them aside to donate, sell, or throw away. There’s no need to spend your time finding space for broken belts or old purses that you will never use again.

Step 3: Find storage solutions

Next, to ensure that everything doesn’t just end up in a pile, find closet organizers that work for your space. You’ll need to take stock of the items you have and figure out what solutions are best for you. If you already have some bins, baskets, or other organizational items around the house, it’s always a good idea to repurpose them before buying a whole set of new storage solutions.

Don’t have what you need? Luckily, there are countless closet storage solutions available. Many of them are budget-friendly, too. It doesn’t have to be costly to have an organized closet!

  • Bins and baskets are one option for storing belts, scarves, and wallets or small handbags. 
  • Hanging organizers are another good option for belts and scarves. You could try a space-saving scarf and belt hanger like this one.
  • For your jewelry, there are several options. Here are our 2 favorites!
    • This over-the-door option helps minimize the amount of shelf space used and provides a mirror!
    • Sometimes the over-the-door options don’t work. Whether you don’t have a door, or there isn’t space for the hooks, another option is a hanger-style organizer. This one can hang with your clothing.
  • Over-the-door racks can help maximize space and allow you to have hooks without making any holes in the wall.
  • Shelves or cubbies are great for shoes, purses, or baskets full of smaller items.
  • Hooks are great for purses, hats, and jackets.
  • If you have a dresser or drawers in your closet, some drawer organizers can be helpful for keeping small items tidy.

Be sure that your storage solutions are easy to access so that you can put things away easily. This will make it much easier to maintain your organized closet.

Step 4: Put everything in its place

Now it’s time to get organized! For best results, you should store your items together as a group. In other words, scarves with scarves, belts with belts, and so on. Don’t worry too much about making everything “perfect.” Instead, organize in a way that you think will be achievable to maintain as you take items out and put them back each day.

Step 5: Make a plan to keep it organized

To keep everything looking good and functioning as you want it to, you’ll need to have a maintenance plan. Maybe you could put a date on the calendar a few months from now and set a few hours aside to re-organize your closet.

With a neat, organized closet, it’ll be much easier to get ready each day!