The Best Underwear for your Outfits

It’s hard to find the right underwear for every occasion. Avoiding underwear lines and chafing while remaining comfortable enough to wear all day—it’s no easy task! Hopefully, this list will help you find the perfect pair of underwear for every outfit.

1. Tight Dresses, Skirts, and Leggings

Tight dresses, skirts, and leggings require underwear that won’t create VPL (visible panty lines).Since the clothing is so form-fitting, you’ll want to choose either a pair of no-show underwear, no-show shapewear, or a thong.
No-show underwear comes in a variety of styles, so you’ll have more options to choose from. However, even no-shows can sometimes be visible under very tight clothing. If you’re comfortable wearing them, thongs are a great alternative that will cause less noticeable lines.

2. Loose Dresses or Skirts

Wearing the wrong pair of underwear can increase the chafing or discomfort, so avoid lace or other uncomfortable fabric. Boyshorts or slip shorts are great options, especially if you’re worried about the wind flipping up your dress or skirt!

3. Jeans or Slacks

Jeans and slacks can be incredibly uncomfortable if you don’t wear the right underwear. Some pairs of jeans and slacks, especially if they’re looser, will allow for thicker underwear or full-coverage underwear, such as briefs, hipsters, or boy shorts. Under tighter pants, opt for no-show underwear, thongs, or even shapewear.

4. Silky Dresses or Bottoms

One of the hardest fabrics to work with is silkit shows everything. The fabric is thin and tends to cling to your body, making it difficult to find a good underwear option. Thongs can be a great choice, as long as they are a thin material and the right fit. You might opt for shapewear or no-show underwear as well.

5. Shorts or Short Skirts

Short bottoms always run the risk of exposure. While many shorts allow for almost any underwear, any bottoms that may be revealing are best paired with full-coverage underwear. Boyshorts, hipsters, slip shorts, or briefs provide the most coverage to avoid any unwanted slip-ups.

6. Gym Clothes

One of the most uncomfortable parts about exercising is the sweatWhen you’re working out, plan to wear a pair of underwear that is comfortable and breathable. A lot of outfits will allow for any style of underwear, as long as they’re not tight or lacy. Tight leggings are more likely to show panty lines than other types of gym clothes.

7. White or Light-Colored Fabric 

White and light-colored fabrics can be extremely frustrating to wear. Almost any underwear tends to show beneath these clothing items. Even white underwear can show through! The best way to avoid your underwear showing through the fabric is to choose a pair that is very close to your skin color.

Be Comfortable in Your Clothes, Whatever You’re Wearing!

You deserve to feel comfortable in your clothing, and wearing the right underwear is part of that. You may need to add some new styles to your underwear drawer, but it’s worth it to ensure that you can be comfortable and look great in every outfit