Foot Petals Holiday Gift Guide: Top 10 Items Every Woman Could Use

Foot Petals Holiday Gift Guide, Stocking Stuffers, Perfect for Everyone, Break in New Shoes

Best Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Shoes

With so many gift guides out there, it can be hard to find items that are both cute and useful! Whether you’re shopping for your favorite barista, coworker, teacher, or yourself, Foot Petals offers a wide range of products that will surely make all the women in life thank you for the gift of comfort! Below are some of the best gifts for women that are both fun and useful.

1. Foot Petals Blister Preventer

This is the perfect gift for breaking in new shoes and avoiding painful blisters! The Blister Preventer is great to have before any type of celebration where sequins may be worn …like a New Years Eve party! This anti-friction balm applies directly to the skin to eliminate rubbing and irritation.

2. Foot Petals Air Gel Ball of Foot Cushions

We all have that friend that loves to wear heels or wedges, and ends up holding them by the end of the night. Well, this is the gift for her! The patent-pending Air Pocket technology provides truly custom comfort and relieves pain and pressure on the sensitive ball of foot area!

3. Foot Petals Blister Healers

Sometimes blisters are not avoidable. Fortunately with these, they create the ideal healing environment while remaining discreet. They will also provide a barrier to prevent further irritation. If you know someone that is always on-the-go, these may be the perfect gift! They also come in a convenient carrying pouch that will fit in almost any purse or wallet.

4. Foot Petals No-Slip Grips

These little life-savers are essential this time of year. They provide additional traction to the bottom of slick shoes which helps prevent slips and falls.

Foot Petals Gifts: Back of heel cushions, 3/4 insert cushions, ball of foot cushions, blister preventer, suede protector, blister healers, sneaker deodorizers

5. Foot Petals Suede Protector

Help her keep her most fashionable styles fresh with our suede shoe protector solution! This gentle formula provides reliable coverage against water and stains without damaging their killer looks.

6. Foot Petals Sneaker Deodorizers

These cute little deodorizers go in any space to de-funkify with a fresh, clean scent. These are perfect for shoes, closets, drawers, gym bags, or even the laundry hamper! Just twist to open, select the level of freshness, and toss in any spot that could use some help.

7. Foot Petals Ball of Foot Cushions

Most have experienced that dreaded burning pain under the ball of your foot. Sometimes even the smallest of heel can cause discomfort. These ball of foot cushions keep her feet from sliding forward and reduce burning pain for a comfortable stride.

8. Foot Petals Back of Heel Cushions

These cushions prevent her heels from slipping out of shoes. They provide a better fit for her favorite styles, plus help reduce painful rubbing.

9. Foot Petals ¾ Insoles

Her feet deserve all-day comfort. Foot Petals 3/4 insert cushions offer reliable cushioning from heel to the ball of foot while remaining discreet. Foot Petals 3/4 insert cushions are a must for keeping her feet from slipping and sliding, helping to prevent calluses from forming.

10. Foot Petals Shoe Shine Sponge

This is a great gift for the friend who loves to always look her best! Whether she's refreshing an old favorite or pampering her newest look, our shoe shine sponge offers an easy solution to everyday blemishes and spills. This handy little tool cleans and shines shoes in seconds with an easy-to-use, no-mess applicator!

This simple gift guide should provide a solution for all the wonderful females in your life! To view a full collection of our most giftable items, check out our Seasonal Favorites.