5 Secrets to Better Nail Care

Sure, healthy finger- and toenails are aesthetically pleasingbut they’re so much more than that! Nail health signs can sometimes reveal how your overall health is doing. Nails are also important because they help protect your fingers and toes. If you don’t have a routine that helps keep your nails healthy, there’s no time like the present to startHere are some healthy habits to get into if you want to know how to improve nail health.

1.Up Your Nail Hygiene

Showering daily and washing your hands multiple times a day is probably not enough to get rid of the dirt and invisible bacteria that’s undoubtedly beneath your nail beds. To help prevent toenail fungus and other problems from forming, get into the habit of soaking your feet daily in warm water with a mild soap each day. You can also use a foot brush to scrub over your toes

Fingernail care can be a little easier. Just make sure that each time you wash your hands you're letting soap get under the nails and scrubbing at them. This will make your nails look betterbut it will also keep them nice and healthy.

2. Trim Like a Pro

Nail trimming should be a part of your personal hygiene routine that is as basic as brushing your teeth or shaving your legs. The longer your nails are, the greater risk you’re at for bacterial and fungal infections, especially on your toes. 

You should also make sure you cut straight across each nail rather than at a curve. Alternatively, you can file your nails shorter. Try not to cut your nails too short. Remember that nails give you protection and without them, you’re more prone to certain injuries.

3. Give Them a Rest from Polish

You probably don’t love the idea of wearing heels and makeup every single day because you need a break. Your nails are the same way! Allowing them to breathe free from polish can help them stay healthy. You should also never use nail polish to hide cracked or discolored nails. If the nail is infected, this will only make the problem worse.

4. Carefully Choose Socks

your choices in socks and shoes don't just impact your feet. They can also help or hurt your toenail health. Anything that’s too tight can restrict blood circulation. When this happens, your nails will grow back weaker. To make your nails nice and strong, make sure you're buying socks and shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and not pinching anything

One way to instantly make any pair of shoes comfortable is with the solutions from Foot Petals. From in-soles to heel cushions, making shoes more comfortable is what we do! And it’s a great step to take when you’re on your journey of learning how to improve nail health.

5. Improve Nail Care from the Inside Out

It’s amazing just how many areas of health your diet can impactyour fingers and toenails are perfect examplesEating lots of natural foods like fruits and veggies, lean meats, and nuts will help keep your nails healthy. However, if you think your nail health could use a little extra boost, you may want to talk to your doctor about adding a biotin or collagen supplement to your daily routine.