10 Barbie Halloween Costumes for Every Barbie Girl

Barbie doll wearing a witch hat while sitting in a cocktail glass

How to Dress Like Barbie This Halloween 2023

Come on Barbie, let’s go to a Halloween party! Thanks to the new Barbie film starring Margot Robbie along with some other big names, the Barbie Halloween costume may be the most popular costume of the year. With so many Barbies to choose from, the options are endless.

Whether you’re passing out candy, attending a party off-campus, or staying in for a girl’s night movie marathon, let these Barbie Halloween costume ideas inspire you this All Hallow’s Eve. To stay chic and comfortable in your all-pink pumps, cowgirl boots, beach sandals, and more, use Foot Petals® discreet shoe cushions in all your shoes! (P.S. They come in pink, too!)

DIY Barbie Halloween Costume Ideas

Everyone loves a good DIY movie character Halloween costume. Thanks to the Barbie movie and their amazing crew along with decades of dolls, there are tons of costume ideas for every woman who does it all. From couples' costumes for you and yours to fantastic girl’s group costumes and more, here are 10 totally chic and timeless Barbie Halloween costumes for adults:

Dream House Barbie

The first time Margot Robbie’s Stereotypical Barbie appears in her dream house, she wears a checkered sundress. You can easily recreate this look with a pink and white gingham dress, a matching scrunchie, white floral jewelry, and a pair of light pink pumps. Use pink heart ball of foot cushions to tackle the look with confidence and put a stop to sliding, rubbing, calluses, or ball of foot aches and pains.

Glittery pink heels with pink heart ball of foot cushions

Rollerblading Barbie & Ken

This iconic look can be worn solo or as the perfect Barbie and Ken Halloween costume. Shop online or create the look yourself with a bright pink or tie-dye one-piece, pink bike shorts, yellow skates and pads, and a bright yellow or tie-dye visor. Along with tie-dye shorts and a cut-off, the fanny pack is a must for Ken.

Whether you’re rolling in on a real pair of skates or opting for a practical pair of sneakers, adding an air gel heel cup to your shoes can add some stability, provide lasting comfort, and weight distribution.

Cowgirl Barbie

This Barbie costume for Halloween is a shoo-in to be one of the best. All you need is a hot pink V-neck vest, flared pink jeans, and a hot pink bandana tied like a kerchief around your neck. Add to it a white cowgirl hat, white cowgirl boots, and of course some no-slip grips for a touch more traction and you have a Barbie costume for Halloween that’s great for hayrides, pumpkin patches, and partying.

Vintage Barbie

The hottest adult Barbie Halloween costume is your grandma’s Barbie doll. The first Barbie, debuted in 1959, wore a black and white chevron striped swimsuit, a high ponytail, and a pair of black high heel sandals. Your accessories should include a pair of white cat eye sunglasses, gold hoop earrings, and some bright red lipstick to complete the signature look.

Ugly overhang, blisters, and toe scrunch in sandals can quickly make your pretty pedicure look like a Beach-Off disaster. Eliminate common fit issues and take the pressure off your feet with a ball of foot cushion and spot dot cushions.

Woman placing ball of foot cushions into black high heel sandals

Weird Barbie

Kate McKinnon’s Weird Barbie was not only spot-on, but also inspirational for those of us who want a costume that’s a little more out-there. This look is even easier if you have a wolf cut or pixie cut. Tease up your hair, doodle on your face with some eyeliner, and find a pink babydoll dress preferably with puffed sleeves.

From alligator skin boots to sandals, you can wear virtually any shoe with this costume. Shop our cushions for boots, slip-ons, and sandals so your feet can stay comfortable and pain-free even if you’re in the splits.

Jumpsuit Barbies

Going as a group for Halloween or looking for the perfect mother-daughter costume? All you need for this DIY Barbie costume are matching pink jumpsuits, a pink headband, and your favorite sunglasses. A pair of clean white sneakers makes this look ultra cozy. Throw on a silky pink sash with “President” written in blue, and you can be President Barbie, too!

Struggling with foot pain or planning to be out for a while? Slip a pair of ¾ orthotic insoles into your sneakers and get the relief you need with orthotic arch support and premium cushioning.

Mermaid Barbie

You might be able to repurpose a past year’s costume or make your own Mermaid Barbie ensemble with items from your closet. Stick to a monochromatic blue, pink, or purple look with a maxi skirt, bralette or sweetheart crop top, and a matching shell necklace.

Then, pick up a colorful wig from your local Halloween store and wear your chunky sandals with a ¾ gel insole for superior shock absorption and discreet, long-lasting cushioning that never goes flat.

Disco Barbie

Dance your heart out dressed up as Disco Barbie. You’ll be shining in a sequined jumpsuit or romper, gold accessories, and a feathery primped and curled hairdo. Choose between gold pumps or a comfy pair of gold ballet flats with back of heel cushions to prevent ankle chafing, reduce blisters, and keep your heels from slipping out of your shoes.

Woman placing back of heel cushions into nude pumps


Midge is a fantastic Halloween costume for pregnant women. Dip into your summer maternity wardrobe or find a pink or purple floral maternity dress online. While the doll might be wearing heels, we suggest more comfortable shoes for pregnant women such as a low wedge for more stability and a gel arch support cushion to help prevent achy, sore feet.

Bonus Idea: Ken & Allan

We can’t just ignore Barbie’s plus one (and that other guy). Choose between any of the recognizable Ken costumes including boxer briefs, jeans and a denim vest, or his faux fur coat and track pants. If you can’t get the movie soundtrack starring just Ken out of your head, pick up a classic greaser costume and play it on repeat. Of course, there’s always Cowboy Ken, too.

As for the one and only Allan, you’ll need a pair of blue shorts or jeans and a red, blue, and yellow striped button down or sweater. Complete the costume with a pair of sandals and a touch of eyeliner.

Complete Your Barbie Costume with Foot Petals Shoe Cushions

Barbie has taken on a lot of different looks and with them many different pairs of shoes. Why let uncomfortable shoes ruin your Barbie Halloween costume? Dress up in confidence when you use discreet Foot Petals shoe cushions for heels, pumps, flats, boots, and more. Have a Happy Halloween from Foot Petals!

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