Suede & Nubuck Shoe Care Kit
Suede & Nubuck Shoe Care Kit

Suede & Nubuck Shoe Care Kit

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Products Features

Shoe Cleaning & Protection

  • Water & stain repellent provides an impermeable layer of protection against water, dirt, and stains on suede and leather; Keeps outside elements on the surface, where they can easily be wiped away
  • Shoe cleaner & conditioner gently cleanses and prolongs the life of your shoes
  • Suede and nubuck brush tool features eraser for wiping away stains, brush for clearing excess grime, and convenient serrated extensions for hard-to-clean shoe treads, lines, and grooves

Kit Contents

  • Includes one Water & Stain Repellent (6 oz.), one Shoe Cleaner & Conditioner (5 oz.), and one Suede & Nubuck Brush

Your favorite styles deserve to be pampered. Our water & stain repellent offers a protective layer against outside elements, while our shoe cleaner prolongs the life of your shoes and gently removes dirt and stains. When it's time for a deep clean, break out the versatile suede and nubuck brush, equipped to tackle tough stains with a variety of handy attachments.



Foot Petals are vital for my kit bag as they give my clients such relief on long set days and performances. They really are a life saver in these situations :)

Avigail Collins
Celebrity Stylist

Making people feel their best is my job and number one priority. That includes comfort and safety. I don't have a client that hits the stage, red carpet or any event without Foot Petals on their feet.

Tiffany Gifford
Celebrity Stylist

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