shoe care cleaning and conditioning foam
shoe care cleaning and conditioning foam
shoe care cleaning and conditioning foam

Shoe Care Cleaning & Conditioning Foam

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Product Features

  • This shoe cleaner and conditioner removes dirt, oil, grass, tar, ink, and more from leather, vinyl, canvas, and fabrics
  • Natural jojoba extract
  • Includes one 5 oz. bottle

    Removes dirt and breathes new life into your favorite styles, but it doesn't stop there! A conditioning formula that helps prevent cracking, scuffing, and ugly discoloration.

    How to Use

    1. Check color fastness before applying.
    2. Apply a small amount directly to a clean cloth.
    3. Wipe entire area thoroughly and evenly.
    4. Use a clean, dry cloth to remove any excess dirt or moisture.
    5. Immediately brush nap in both directions.



    Foot Petals are vital for my kit bag as they give my clients such relief on long set days and performances. They really are a life saver in these situations :)

    Avigail Collins
    Celebrity Stylist

    Making people feel their best is my job and number one priority. That includes comfort and safety. I don't have a client that hits the stage, red carpet or any event without Foot Petals on their feet.

    Tiffany Gifford
    Celebrity Stylist

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